Essays on Playful Times Toys Company - Identification and Producing of a Potential Market for an Electronic Teddy Bear Research Paper

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The paper “ Playful Times Toys Company - Identification and Producing of a Potential Market for an Electronic Teddy Bear” is a  meaningful example of a research paper on marketing. The origin of the company is traced back from the post-war affluence, to the current times of ‘ You’ ve Never Had it so Good’ days of the Conservative government and Harold MacMillan. In this case, the existence of opportunities for industry and manufacturing were found to be abundant. This report, in relation to the research report by Hatfield Market Research Consultants, it highlights areas of significance within the report and covers their relevance.

It does so by bringing out the reasons and importance of applying different methodologies, and also on the various recommendations made within the report. At the end of the report, further recommendations are made, or justification for the current recommendations made by Hatfield Market Research Consultants. Therefore, it is well structured and clearly brought out to give the meaning of the findings achieved in the research study, carried out by Hatfield Market Research Consultants. IntroductionIn every child’ s life, toys have been considered to be part of them, and this has been traced back since 1000 B.

C (Harper, 2009 p67). This has been passed from one generation to another as parents desire the best for their children, and hence, including the toys they normally play within their own free time. When tracing the history of toys, it is found that the first appearance of kites was in China and then stone yo-yos were in Greece. The first patent for a doll came out in early 1840, and the speaking doll followed in 1887 (Harper, 2007 p102).

This speaking doll was brought into existence with assistance from Thomas Edison and also the latest technology, known as a phonograph. This is a huge breakthrough in terms of advancement in technology and different innovative measures, which have brought the difference in competition, particularly with matters concerning the toy market. Appropriateness of the Secondary Data Collection and Analysis Appropriateness of Quantitative Technique in the Research The use of quantitative research technique in such market research was appropriate because the management was supposed: To know the market intensity and the demand for their toys produced, so that they can make reliable decisions. To outline a target audience within the market, and this is supposed to be achieved by determining the exact proportion of the audience in relevance to their specific behaviors, attitudes, intentions, and probably the overall knowledge that is related to the health concern. They were also supposed to find out whether there are specific determinants that are to predict behaviors of the audience at the identified and statistically significant intensity. Considering the finding achieved within the research study, quantitative market research generally was involved on the following basis: A large group of individuals was used in the surveying, and in this case, they were categorized in terms of age. A structured questionnaire was used that was predominantly equipped with closed-ended questions. From the research description, it has been found out that the population of interest for Playful Times Toys is mothers with children at school.

The fieldwork of the study, which was undertaken between 1st and 15th December 2006, saw the completion of 1250 face to face forms of interviews. At this level, a sample size of 1250 individuals who were in line with the industry respondents and norms were preferred for the research, by applying a simple random sample.

Considering the inputs of a survey expert is a vital aspect that is needed within the design and the process of conducting a quantitative survey. Before the study is launched, issues related to designing an appropriate sample are supposed to be considered (Nigel, 2010 p121). Looking at the results of the research, it is clearly indicated that valid and reliable measures were used, and a pretest study was conducted before the overall survey study is launched.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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