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The paper "Frank’ s All-American Barbeque Restaurant " is an outstanding example of a management assignment.   According to Verhoef and Lemon (2013), customer value may be regarded as the perceived benefits that a consumer expects to gain by buying and consuming a product or a service. A consumer considers a product/service to be valuable if the benefits derived from it justify its cost of acquisition (Whan et al, 2010). Frank’ s All-American Barbeque’ s success is credited to the founder’ s insistence on “ giving people great simple food at a reasonable price in a place they feel comfortable” .

This statement sums up the customer value that the restaurant has offered to its market successfully. Firstly, the restaurant makes high-quality, exceptional food that has been recognized in regional barbeque cook-offs. Frank also developed four special sauces to accompany his barbeque menu. Secondly, the food is served in a comfortable place within a mall with adequate parking space. Frank’ s All-American Barbeque customers always enjoy their means in the simple restaurant with tables covered with butcher paper. Lastly, the food prices at Frank’ s All-American Barbeque are reasonable enough to ensure consumers always feel that the value is equal to what they pay for. For Robert to be successful in expanding the restaurant business, he must consider all the three factors highlighted from the founder’ s statement as they have successfully delivered customer value to his father business over the years.

Indeed, several restaurants have been closed down due to stiff competition but Frank’ s All-American Barbeque has survived by offering quality and understanding its customers.   Question 2: Robert has several possible options for expanding his father’ s business-find a larger location in Fairfield, add a takeout option, open more restaurants in surrounding communities, incorporate web marketing concepts, and expand the sales of sauces.

Review each in terms of valuable benefits. Robert’ s first option is to start operating a larger restaurant in Fairfield. This option ensures the restaurant has a larger space to accommodate growing numbers of customers. This will increase the business’ s profitability. However, the new operations may reduce supervisory efficiency that has been important in upholding high-quality foods and service in the original restaurant. The new location should not be expensive since high overhead costs will increase the prices of the menu items. The second option is to add a takeout option.

This option is ideal for consumers who want to have their meals at home, work or any other location apart from the restaurant. This is ideal for busy people and families who want to have their meals at home. However, Robert should ensure the quality of such meals is the same as of those served in the restaurant to sustain the value of the brand. Robert also considers opening similar restaurants in the shrouding community.

While such an option will increase the brand's visibility and market share within the locality, it may limit growth to a small location of people who are familiar with the restaurant. Robert’ s experience in digital marketing will be highly effective in expanding the business through online advertisements and ordering option. This option may be ideal for the business given the growth in the online retail of goods and services in the world today.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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