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The paper 'Mymanu CLICK-Truly Wireless Earbuds with Voice Translation" is a good example of a marketing case study. The disruptive  innovation approach changes the existing market and creates a new version of it, which its resultant product entirely dictates. Mymanu is a disruptive business that is currently enjoying the rewards for its wireless earphones that have voice translation. The product has changed the consumer electronics market, and the awareness among the target market about the product and company continues to increase. As a result, the company schedules to expand its operations to various market regions.   However, many assumptions that come with this type of approach, and it is imperative that the practitioners understand the risks and threats associated with them.   Mymanu's disruptive innovation approach has little social and environmental impacts.

However, it has high sustainability potential. Disruptive Innovation Business Approach: Mymanu CLICK-Truly Wireless Earbuds with Voice Translation Introduction The electronic industry has been through various evolution phase.   There is a vast range of factors that influence the market globally. However, the electronic industry if Asia is particularly driven by innovation, price deflation, and growing household market.

The industry in this region features the emergence of new markets and new products and services. Among the many factors, the disruptive innovation approach has influenced the evolution of the industry significantly. The strategy allows the creation and emergence of new markets and value networks of new innovative products, which eventually change or disrupt the existing products and their market (Boons et al. , 2). Mymanu is a relatively small entrepreneurial company that has employed the disruptive innovation approach to completely alter the industry of electronics and create a new innovative product, CLICK-Truly earphone.

The earphone is wireless and features a voice translation technology.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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