Essays on Human Resources Development Practices at Ritz-Carlton Hotel Case Study

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The paper “ Human Resources Development   Practices at Ritz-Carlton Hotel” is a brilliant example of the case study on human resources. This paper will look to analyze the HRD practices at Ritz-Carlton Hotel by looking into areas of training and development which need to be provided. The paper looks to provide a training program where stress will be given on program objectives, training needs, benefits, and an evaluation plan which will help to act as a guide for the future. This will thereby tend to fulfill the future human resource needs and will determine the different important areas they need to focus on so that the overall development of the business becomes possible. Identified Learning NeedRitz-Carlton Hotel for its success has to aim towards addressing the leadership gap which they are witnessing by creating a culture that facilitates the process of filling the learning gap so that leaders can be generated for the future.

Addressing the leadership development process will help to fill the different gaps which the business is facing and will have a positive impact on the present and future performances.

It will help to address issues associated with succession planning, understanding customer needs and wants, and creating leaders who will be able to guide and lead the employees to carry out the different roles in the most effective manner (Darling & Leffel, 2010). The overall impact of such a decision will be witnessed in the bench strength as it will improve and will help to ensure that the business has a steady and regular supply of employees and leaders for various positions within the organization. The PlanThe issue which Ritz-Carlton Hotel is facing has been identified after looking at the manner in which the organization carries out its functions.

The different mechanism which was used is observation, questionnaire, consultation with key personnel and interviews which brought forward the actual human resource issues in Ritz-Carlton Hotel. It was clearly identified that the hotel lacks leadership and faces an acute shortage of trained and well-experienced employees. Lack of proper planning and aligning the human resource goals with the goals of the organization is seen as one major obstacle which has hindered the entire process of carrying out different activities.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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