Essays on Non-Financial Motivation at the Workplace Essay

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The paper “ Non-Financial Motivation at the Workplace” is an impressive example of an essay on human resources. Management has emerged as an important factor in the operational setup of any organization due to various reasons. There are many areas in which management has an important role to play. Of all these, human resource management is of significant importance. This is mainly given the fact that all resources have an optimum level of utilization, except for human resources. The human resource is the only variable that can be altered to create better output and increase the quality and quantity of production.

This is usually done through the managerial department (Karger, D. W., & Malik, Z. A, 1975). The managerial department undertakes a number of steps to ensure that the human resource employed does not remain static but grow and evolve with the changing market demands and trends. The most important variable that is used by managers and companies to motivate men is that of financial gain. But it has to be realized that other than finances there are other motivating variables that can be used to motivate employees to perform better (Wilkinson A, 1988).

In the following paper, there will be explored all the nonfinancial variables that can be employed by managers to motivate employees. There will also be looked into and analyzed the various motivational theories that have been evolved by scholars over the years. The fact that one has to keep in mind is that there exists a gap between the actual state of performance of the employees and the potential of the employees (Baumeister R F. Vohs KD, 2004). It is the work of the Human resource managers to help the employees evolve in their roles and help them achieve their potential or at least reduce the gap that is present between the performance and the potential of the employees.

The manager usually is able to achieve this through the adoption of various motivational processes. The most important variable that is used by the various organizations to motivate the employees to perform better is that of financial gain. But it has to be realized that the motivation that employees derive from this is only limited and this may not hold true after a certain point of time (Deci, Edward L.; & Ryan, Richard M, 1985).

Thus, there have to be put into place other motivating variables to ensure that the employees continue to increase their level of performance. The first method through which it can be ensured that the employees are dedicated to improving their own level of performance is if they have a stake in the company. This has seen to have phenomenal effects on the performance of employees of any organization, as they then have a personal interest in the overall performance of the organization.

For example, in the case of Microsoft, the employees are paper millionaires, but the level of efficiency of the employees keeps increasing with the time given the fact that they are shareholders of the company stocks, and any change in the stocks will have a direct impact on them (Motivational techniques at Microsoft).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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