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The paper "The Value of Community Sector" is a great example of an assignment on management.   The public sector is one where the business and other processes are controlled by the government and the objective is not to make profits but to provide better services. The public sector looks towards the wellbeing of the society at a large and aim towards framing rules and regulations which will have a positive impact on the lives of people. Some of the distinctive characteristics which public sector denotes are Public sector organizations carry out their functions and role not only in a single hierarchy but in multiple hierarchies depending on the need and requirements of the business (Pratt, 2007).

This helps to carry out the different functions effectively and increases the overall role of public sector enterprises. The public sector mainly focuses on providing services rather than products so that the overall manner in which life in society can be improved (Pratt, 2007). The process aims towards improving society by contributing to different services so that people are better off and are able to avail the services in a better way The public sector does not focus on making profits but instead looks towards the betterment of society.

The public sector considers the entire society as one with no differentiation between them so that they can serve for the common good (Pratt, 2007). This thereby increases the overall impetus as the focus is primarily towards developing better services so that the entire society gains at large. B. The role and scope with which public sector functions are very wide and aim toward improving the condition of the society by taking appropriate steps through which service quality can be improved.

The scope of the public sector is wide and includes all organizations which receive finances either in the form of taxes, fees, or license. This thereby tends to include government enterprise also in the purview of the public sector. The role of the scope of the public sector has further expanded in recent times as the public sector looks to include the private sector as well by outsourcing some activities so that the required expertise, knowledge, and experience can be used to improve the business (Pratt, 2007).

This has thereby increased the scope of the public sector and encompasses all enterprise and business units which are controlled to a certain degree by government agencies and look towards the betterment of the society on a large.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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