Essays on Alternative Energy Engineering Degree Scholarship Essay

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The paper "Alternative Energy Engineering Degree" is an excellent example of a scholarship essay on education. Everything needs energy. Cars, our homes, and the workplace all depend on energy to run engines and provide electric for electronics. Much of our energy today comes from fossil fuels that are non-renewable and pollute the environment. One of the greatest challenges we face today is figuring out how to provide the energy that provides for modern society while not burning fossil fuels that will run out and will pollute our planet. Engineering new ways, alternative ways of providing this energy is the professional goal I have set for myself. Currently, I am pursuing a two-year degree in Alternative Energy Engineering.

I believe that getting this knowledge will give me the chance to get a good job that will help me make a difference in the world. The engineering aspect of developing alternative energy technology is appealing to me. I am not an inventor, so I do not want to work as the person that invents the new photovoltaic cell or figures out how to better capture hydrogen for use in a fuel cell.

What I am determined to do is to take these inventions that other people discover and then figure out how to apply the science in the real world. I believe that I deserve this scholarship because I am a determined, hard-working individual that has a plan for how to make the world a better place. I have always worked hard in school and have gotten good grades. I believe that this scholarship will allow me to study something in school that will improve my community and provides a good job.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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