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The paper "PLJ Theories Analysis" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. Decision theory involves uncertainties and values identification that are relevant to a specific undertaking. Decision making is a process involving cognitive activity that offers an alternative to several scenarios leading to choosing a course of action.   Decision theory contains information on how a person or persons can coordinate decisions over time in procedures of social decision to achieve a specific goal. This is highly portrayed by Erin and the general team members while switching to what is comfortable for all without affecting the university principles of being and remaining clean; like adapting watercolors for balloons not to stain university grounds and infrastructures.

In addition, coming up with large scale water fight as the specific aspect that the team plans to look into in the event, called for selection from other events; also modes of money collection, ticket selling, requesting companies to support in buying prizes and hosting their routine meetings online to ensure the event was a success called for regular decision and analysis as well as coming to conclusions relevant to the function of Babes, Boys, Balloons. Creativity theory Creativity theory is the ability to recombine and combine previously known elements that enable the concerned parties to see one thing and come up with another to achieve the same objective.   Coming up with Facebook to avoid frequent venue meeting was a creative idea for the team.

Tanjia is also creative in the way she managed to design the posters and flyers. Conclusively requesting volunteers to help in tidying after the event and using watercolors show a form of creativity among team members.   Conflict management theory Conflict is directions, views, actions, values, and interest clash.

Conflict comes in as a result of funds, fairness, force or fear. Conflict management is the process of handling stabling blocks that affects the progress and performance of any activity that is geared towards achieving a certain goal. Conflict should not be allowed to reach crisis stage as a lot of effort and time will, in turn, be invested in resolving them. Therefore, in conflict management theory it is advisable that issues that bring conflicts in decisions should be dealt with in the discomfort stage rather than hiding the feeling of either member of the team.

Though a hard pill to swallow at the early stages, it is easier to communicate issues that collide with openness. Managers are advised to be on the lookout to conflicts at initial stages and take measures to prevent it from blowing. Conflict theory emphasizes issue identification, the parties involved, each party's main needs and concerns and grouping the needs as either intangible like relationship building or tangible. That is why the team members had to solve issues of living the university environment clean and green after the event by changing balloon colors and requesting volunteers to back up after the event to collect litters.

This ensured the team does not conflict with the university's desires from the planning stage. Choosing, Erin as the CEO ensured that the team had a person to guide them and be their voice of reason without having everyone being a leader. Leadership theories Leadership theory is quite broad trying to explain the evolving and characteristic of a leader. In general, some theories explain that leaders can be made (Behavioral theory), or are born (Great Man or Trait theory) others are influenced by the environment since there is no static leadership format (Contingency theory) and the people they work with; or a leader works to achieve a reward or fear of penalties; therefore, they are based on the performance of the group, supervision, and performance of the leader (Management theories).

However, others put into account that each party in a team has a role to play and considers everyone’ s input.

This style encourages the members to feel like part of decision-making and the leader encourages contributions and participation of the members. However, it is the will of the leader to give room to input from other members (Participative theories). From our team is clear that we are leaders as we all helped in one way or the other and cooperated in the activities of getting and convincing specific companies to help in prizes donation; Bree ensured we have a DJ on the eve, Tanjia brought on board her creativity, but we chose Erin due to her knowledge-ability, boldness enough to compromise with the Bond university body even after declining to approve our decision to sell tickets and participate in the event earlier and her determination, intelligence some of the traits embodied in her a sign of a good leader and her policy of being democratic. Motivation theory The main aspect of motivation involves values, purpose, and aims alignment between organization, teams, and staff.

The better the personal and alignment correlation with the aims of the organization the better the motivation podium. This ensures reasonable successes are achieved in any organization.

In this group, there are different motivating things that should be achieved in the university (Goal Setting Theory) that is; the desire to participate in doing Babes, Boys, and Balloons and make it a success such that we remain the participants of all seasons. Doing the awareness and mode of the money-raising campaign for Camp Quality is our responsibility. This task is not an easy undertaking but the team members are motivated by the purposes of the event and to ensure cancer children and families have fun at most during the event.

Another encouraging factor is that the members have different talents, cultures, and knowledge that when interlinked has shown to built the groups towards achieving their goals.   Often online communication on our Facebook page helps in ideas down breaking; this is also encouraging reducing tedious venue meetings often. Values and National Culture This refers to the consideration that people from a given society or nation have explicitly or implicitly shared abstract ideas regarding what is desirable, right and good in a given society or a country.

It gives insight to questions like; what is right, why, how, when, where and to whom? The team had to comply with the wish of the campus to use items that will leave university upholding cleanliness. To achieve this, our team had to reconsider adopting watercolors for balloons and teaming up with volunteers to clean after the event. Collection tins, online donations, and sale of tickets were considered as they are open methods of money contributions in the charity, acceptable nationwide. In addition, our aim of hosting large scale water fight is because it steers hope, optimism, fun, celebrating life and a fun therapy which is recommended recreational for cancer patients.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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