Essays on Determinants of Growth Policies and Strategies in China Case Study

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The paper "Determinants of Growth Policies and Strategies in China" is a perfect example of a macro & microeconomics case study.   The general perspective of the economy is obtained by considering the general trend of the global economy. From such a point of view, the international economy continues to grow in all aspects from size to diversity in terms of the products introduced in the markets. Continuous development and growth of the various industries of business also contribute to this economy. It is important to note that the markets mentioned herein are in particular national regions and so there are certain determinants of a country’ s economic growth relative to its international market.

Such determinants also influence the policies and strategies that the nation adopts to enhance economic growth. This essay paper seeks to determine the level of prevalent contexts and circumstances of a country that influence its policies and strategies of growth. The paper considers China in the discussion to illustrate this aspect. The paper, therefore, takes on the approach of studying the fundamental factors that determine the policies and strategies of growth in China.

Subsequently, the discussion will be able to look into the nature of these determinants and conclude whether they are mainly about the contexts and circumstances that are prevalent in China only. The content of this paper can be of importance to economists, libertarians and conservatives who have much interest in the form of national economies that influence the global economy. It will also prove important to the Chinese government in terms of its details as it presents a probable perspective of viewing the Chinese economy. Factors Affecting Economic Growth in China Cowen (2012) discusses the two possible lenses through which can one view the economic problems that China faces.

One is the overinvestment on capital goods, or excess capacity, while the other is the continued manipulation of the Chinese currency by the Chinese government. The author’ s publication studies china without excluding from the rest of the world, but by the consideration that these two particular identified problems could be experienced elsewhere.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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