Essays on PMP - Project Management Professional (Emiratisation In The Etihad Airlines) You Should Know Assignment

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IntroductionEtihad airline is one of the most significant air space shuttle service providers around the globe. Started in the year 2003, the Etihad airline has been growing at steady fast speed in terms of provision of international operations. To enhance its business activities, Etihad airline has projected the emiratisation strategy. This is to widen the workforce and reputation from the Emiratis, the government and the globe at large. It will strengthen the living standards of the Emirati nationals and the country’s economy. Project descriptionThis Project Charter officially paves way to the authorization of the project to build up and implement the emiratisation by the Etihad airways.

It significantly acts as the initial step in the notion of emiratisation. In the process of developing this project charter, a project plan will be designed and handed out to the Project Sponsor. The sponsor will analyze it, evaluate, and possibly give a go ahead to the full development and implementation of the project. That is, the project will begin after the supervisor’s approval and after consequent allocation of the necessary resources. In addition, the project plan will engross essential project aspects for the full integration of its requirements.

It will address issues such as the project scope, Time schedule that will give a clear breakdown of the phases to be completed at the time range for each phase. It will further address the estimated cost for the development and implementation, project budget, project quality assurance, project risks and opportunities, and a general analysis of stakeholder supervision. Project ObjectiveThe most essential notion behind emiratisation is to ensure that wide ranges of opportunities are pioneered to the United Arab Emirates’ national population.

Through implementation of the emiratisation program, training opportunities will readily be provided to the Emiratis. This includes, training on cadet pilot, development of technical engineering programs. The Emiratisation program will further provide for a program in development of graduates in their specialized. Thus, it will play a significant role in enhancing the living standard of the nationals and further create a better future for the next generations. Project justificationSince the Etihad Airways is the most significant national airline in the United Arab Emirates, it is vital that it recognizes its accountability in pioneering improvisation of the Emiratis’ living standards.

As at now, 13% of the United Arab Emirates’ nationals are employed at the Etihad airline. It should noted that, for a company to do well in its operations, the native people have to enlightened on how to utilize the available resources provided by the company. This is through provision of unique skills and employment opportunities. Ensuring that these citizens gain relevant experience will greatly aid them in their way of life and further benefit the airline’s day-to-day operations.

It is therefore exceptionally essential that the Emiratisation program be put into close consideration to guarantee advancement and improvisation of the people’s way of life and airline’s business operations. Project ScopeThis project charter is aimed to meet a number of essential demands for the Emiratis and the airline in particular. Major purpose of the emiratisation project is to facilitate an advanced way of life to the citizens through provision of quality skills to the United Arab Emirates’ citizens. It involves provision of essential skills required in the airline industry.

These skills will play an essential role in ensuring that there is a positive future for the airline company and the community at large. In addition, it will aid in ascertaining that more women have chances to work with the airline based at their home country. To achieve all these requirements, the following scope details are highlighted as:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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