Essays on The Allegory of the Cave by Plato Article

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The paper "The Allegory of the Cave by Plato" is a good example of an article on social science. According to Plato, he believes that people do have different ideas and also that these ideas are innate. They surpass all the knowledge that individuals gain through their own experiences. He believes that is not easy to change the ideas that people have since it has taken them years for such ideas to be seared into their minds. The only way that people can change is by having dialect reasoning and being open-minded about the surroundings and the environment around them.

He claimed that education given to students was not about putting words into minds that were empty. It was about making people come to realize that they already knew what they were being taught and they did not know it. For example, it is not easy to change a person’ s way of life like their culture since they believe in it; but is the right channel is used, then there is a way to channel the individual from their path (Plato, 102).   According to Pluto, one of the most important things to undergo is change.

But even as people undergo change, they should not become lost in it that they forget themselves. One of the most important ways in which one can make sure that they maintain their status quo is through their beliefs. Change is inevitable, and people must conform to change while still maintaining their status quo. It is not an option that people do change and still manage to maintain their status quo. An example from real life can be seen by the embrace of technology.

Many people have embraced technology while still remaining true to their culture and their status quo intact (Plato, 122). The role of the legislator, according to Pluto, is to have a high moral responsibility in order to guide the people in a kingly way. Their task was to achieve enlightenment in order to lead the people. An example can be taken from the few leaders of today who stand for that truth. Their main duty is to unshackle their people from the chains that bound them from succeeding and forging ahead (Plato, 160).

Leadership can bring two results; positive influence or negative influence, and in particular on change. Leaders do play a very important role in determining whether the change will be positive or negative. Depending on the change methods that are used, their effectiveness around and in an organization can bring a lot of change. Leadership that is required should be strong, clear and motivational. There should be a presence of support, communication, participation, and planning (Plato, 202).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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