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POLICE ORGANISATION AND METHODS. ESSAY QUESTION: Why should the police be concerned about the diversity of their workforce? Introduction: The police organizations are concerned about the safety of the community. The practice of diversity and equality helps the police to do their duty with the trust and confidence of the people. The Metropolitan Police Service in it’s report on Understanding Diversity states that the fight against crime can be solved easily by the co – operation, experience and support of the people. This essay deals with the aspects of race and diversity.

It also discusses about the challenges present in the practice of diversity. The need for diversity in work force has been explained. Later the range of diversity has been dealt in detail along with the strategies for diversity. Finally some action plans that are followed by real life police organizations to handle the diversity issue have been discussed. Diversity: Diversity refers to the discrimination among the people in terms of religion and faith, age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, national or social origin. The above mentioned six divisions are the six legally governed strands that define race and diversity.

These differences among the people must not be neglected because these differences show a direct impact on the services offered to them. To provide justice in the service and to have service integrity, the police organization has to adopt some changes in their recruitment and other working practices. The Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) report on Diversity Matters says that support of the public increases when there is diversity in the workforce. The report also states that ethical values and organizational requirements are important aspects in diversity.

The ethical values are related to the inter-personal relationships. According to Dr. Betsy, how the officers treat the citizens is more important than what they achieve. The practice of diversity helps in providing the relevant services according to the need of the people. The organizational requirement involves the business context of policing. This may involve proper training and recruitment procedures. The HMIC thematic report adds that investment in these training, recruitment and retention programs can give desirable results in crisis situations, rather than spending for the losses that happen due to organizational failures. Need for a diverse workforce: The workforce of police needs to be diversified so that it can easily get the support and the confidence of the people of all communities.

This helps them in preventing crime. A diverse work force also supports in detecting the crimes easily because the police personnel will have contacts from people of all communities. These people can be taken as witnesses. The police department can also get information about budding problems in the society from different contacts.

This prior information can be used to curtail the problem in the beginning itself. The HMIC says that ‘Forces should recognize that community intelligence is as valuable as criminal intelligence’. A diverse workforce also helps in getting information easily about crimes or public attacks organized from other countries. This enables the police organization to be prepared in advance to handle the crisis. The presence of a supporting neighborhood community would give a sense of safety for the police constables when they go for patrolling. The crimes done to vulnerable societies can be investigated effectively with the support of police personnel recruited from that community.

The confidence and trust of the people on the police can help reduce tension during a problem situation and further violence can be prevented. Finally invisible crimes like forced marriage, sex trade, etc. can also be detected easily with the help of diverse work force.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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