Essays on How the Global Markets Can Be Made Self-Regulated Without Any Political Influence and Supervisory Research Proposal

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The paper "How the Global Markets Can Be Made Self-Regulated Without Any Political Influence and Supervisory" is a perfect example of a business research proposal. The emerging corporate world is striving to sort out the relationship between regulatory economics and its dependency relationships with global politics. My research span will have this pivotal intent because, despite the prior works and numerous theories about the regulator economic, there is much to spot out in the perspective of the modern emerging world especially after the industrial revolution. The practical implementation of regulatory economics has always been a dilemma because every idea cannot be transformed into reality without proper injection of political stability and perfection in the field of economics in the modern world.

The research question goes like this “ How the global markets can be made self-regulated without any political influence and supervisory” . Literature Review There are many arguers of this theory and the primary theorist among this list is John Maynard Keynes. He is of the view that the market should be allowed to go into the free flow without the manipulations and negative influences from outside.

This will give the sense of responsibility to the market and negative effects will be depleted especially the political effects on the local markets. If the determinants which are responsible for the price changes and volatile market trends can be decreased then the stability of the market will be increased and thus the market will enjoy more stability. The Keynesian economics suggests that if the markets will be self subservient and independent of the political factors all around the world then the issues of demand and supply will be sorted out on its own because the users will definitely feel the price stability and demand and supply curve will be stable.

Similarly, the shares market will be in the hands of the general public and thus masses will not become the victim of the harsh manipulations of the gurus of the shares market and stock exchanges. (Maynard, 2012). There were primarily two assumptions that are typified in the economic texts books around the world. The first theory suggested that as the markets around the world are extremely dependent and fragile, it is necessary to have some kind of influence and governmental hand above them in order to ensure their productivity.

Time has proved this theory wrong. Data and Analysis Modern theorists like Isaac Ehrlich suggests that external regulations are not productive because modern markets cannot be run on compromises when it comes to the day to day transactions and correlations between demand and supply of the products. (Posner, 2010) There are prior works on this topic which include a comprehensive report by RAND cooperation named “ The Theory of Economic Regulation” , similarly there are excessive works of Maynard Keynes like “ Keynesian political economy” .

Similarly, “ Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith is also very acclaimed work in this field. These works will provide a benchmark and brainstorming tool for the research paper. Conclusion There are certain loopholes in the works which I tend to mend. These works lack the explanation of practical ways to implement and ensure the external regulatory free market dynamics. I will try to address these issues. Data will be collected from existing sources as well as excessive interviewing from corporate firms.

Test cases will be run on short firms and then results will be evaluated on the basis of frequency and increase of profits. The proposed essay will try to sum all the issues, problems and solutions regarding the domain of political economy.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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