Essays on Overweight - Symptoms, Causes, Tests by Gina Kolata Article

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The paper "Overweight - Symptoms, Causes, Tests by Gina Kolata" is a delightful example of an article on health science and medicine. Obesity is one of the most daunting issues that continue to haunt the American society. Despite all the evolutions that occurred in the fitness industry, it is clear that obesity continues to plague American society. Obesity, like other health-related behaviors, is one of the chief causes of disability. Obesity is not a simple disease resulted from one factor. But it is rather a chronic condition that develops as a result of genetic, behavioral and environmental factors.

In addition, it is associated with heart disease, heart stroke, high blood pressure, and even cancer. Undoubtedly, obesity is sky-high as two-thirds of the American population is obese. It is evident that children in this current generation have a shorter life expectancy due to high rates of obesity as opposed to children 2 decades ago, which is highly shocking. Without a doubt, obesity is a prevalent problem that is detrimental to society and must be addressed for the health and the wealth of future generations. I completely agree with the author as she tries to warn her readers about how obesity can be a huge obstacle for the younger generation.

With all the advent in the supplement industry, it is quite sad that the majority of society is obese. One of the key points I learned in this article is the fact that there is a science behind nutrition that individuals can acquire. Eating the right amount of food and exercising can literally dynamically diminish the health-related risks of individuals. The article was clearly written to foreshadow the future of the young generation which is constantly being bombarded with “ supersized meals. ” If the younger generation understands the consequences of their nutritional habits, they are more like to modify their lifestyle that can benefit their health.

In addition, the younger generation understands the importance of having a good sex appeal, which can push the youth to eat healthy, exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle. For instance, the education system and the food industry clearly promote unhealthy eating habits coupled with no physical activity for children. It is evident that these factors are key elements towards the rise of obesity rates in society, which must be addressed as society progresses to the 21st century.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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