Essays on Effective Recruiting and Selecting for the International Business - Winch-It Company Case Study

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The paper 'Effective Recruiting and Selecting for the International Business - Winch-It Company " is a good example of a human resources case study.   Many organizations today operate in a global economy that is characterized by turbulent, dramatic and rapid changes. These changes have accelerated the speed at which employees carry out their work. These changes affect the way employees and organizational leaders relate throughout the change process. Most prominent changes in the global economy include diversity, networking, and flexibility (Kates& Galbraith, 2013). The economic changes such as diversity, which Winch-It is intending to engage in can create dysfunction in the organization if not well managed.

As the organization seeks to diversify its operations on an international basis, good coordination between the organization and the people is required. A strategic human resource policy should be outlined to ensure that the organization responds to the contemporary international environment, organization profitability and human resources. This report seeks to establish the best organizational structure for the organization’ s transformation from a domestic market into an international market. The report will outline the practicability of managing, appointing, rewarding and assessing employees the human resource policy adopted should be that which fosters employee commitment and cost-effectiveness (Harzing& Pinnington, 2011). 1.0.

Introduction The Winch-It company started as a family company founded by two brothers. Who started by making inexpensive but efficient hand-powered winches during the Second World War. During the start, the organization used locally made materials due to a lack of imported products. In the ’ 60s and 00’ s the organization saw increased demand for their winches from both the domestic and military markets (Harzing& Pinnington, 2011). The organization today is seen as an original equipment manufacturer for both winches and boat trailers.

Over the years, the organization has gained confidence from its local customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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