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PortfolioTask 1: Employment related experienceLast month, I had a unique opportunity that helped me to gain insights and broaden my experience in events planning, management and leadership in general. I decided to organise an entertainment event for my 15 friends. Basically, the key aim of the event was to entertain and bond with my friends. I decided to have the event at Hyde Park as from 1pm to 6pm. In order for the event to successfully take place, I had to plan and organise several things. Foremost, I had to contact my friends and inform them exactly when and where the event would take place.

Secondly, I had to come up with a list of activities that would take place during the event. Moreover, I had to organise for food and drinks. From the beginning I knew that the success of the event was highly dependent on the actions and decisions I made. As the organiser and coordinator of this event, I had to ensure that the event runs smoothly and that my friends are well entertained. Evidently, planning and organising for this event as an individual was going to be difficult hence I decided to delegate.

In school, I had learnt that it is important for a leader or a manager to delegate tasks to workforce members so as to realise optimum and efficient results. Therefore, I decided to ask one my close friend, who works at a local restaurant to cater for the event by providing foods and drinks. My friend agreed to take on this task. I gave my friend specific instructions on the kind of food and drinks that he should bring to the event.

Prior to the event, I ensured that all my friends were well informed on where the event would take. I communicated to some of my friends via social media network such as Facebook and Twitter. For those who were not reachable through these social networks, I communicated to them via their Mobile Phones. Moreover, as the main coordinator for the event, it was important for me to develop a program of activities that would take place during the event. My key role was to oversee preparations for the event and coordinate the program during the event.

Therefore, I had to decide what was going to take place at certain time and how long a certain part should last. In order to accomplish this successfully, I had to employ organising and time management skills. I decided to incorporate music as they key source of entertainment. A good number of the friends, I had invited to the event, are passionate about music. Therefore, I knew incorporating music would make the event more lively and enjoyable.

One of the major challenge, that we faced during the event was time –keeping. The event was set to start at 1pm and end at 6pm. However, due certain avoidable circumstance we began the event an hour late. Some of my friends arrived late thus we had to begin the event after one hour later and finish later than expected. I believe that this situation could have been avoided if I had effectively communicated to all guests and entertainers when the event was supposed to begin. In spite of this challenge, I must that the event was a total success.

The food and drinks catered by my friend was outstanding and the overall coordination of the event was good. My friends and I had a lot of fun. One of the key lessons, I learnt from this experience is that, as a leader or a manager, it is important to delegate specific tasks to the people you are working with. I also learnt the importance of effective communication in any managerial or leadership role.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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