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The paper "Personal Development in Marketing" is a great example of a Marketing Assignment. My name is Samia from China. I am a university student pursuing a degree in business, accounting option and I am looking forward to completing my undergraduate study in two years. I have a lot of interest in people and commercial awareness which makes me believe that I can excel in the marketing field, as these are the basic requirements for every marketer. I am also an analytical person who has the ability to analyze and interpret complex information that has helped me in solving various problems that I encounter in my academic journey and in real life situations.

Besides, I am also a creative person because, as I am able to come up with new ideas and execute them. In addition, my academic achievement since I joined the university makes me believe that I am a hardworking individual who is not easily distracted by the obstacle or challenges that come on the way. Moreover, I believe in teamwork, which is essential in enhancing performance and productivity.

I am an active member of various academic and social groups. Therefore, marketing is the career that I would like to pursue because it is an interesting business field that enables a person to interact with consumers and to understand the emotions and behavior of customers. It is also an area that needs a high level of creativity and teamwork, which are my key strengths as a professional. As a result, I would like to end up as a Chief Marketing Officer in one of the reputable international companies, which will enable me to optimize my marketing skills and experience. I am greatly inspired by Wenzhou people who are found in the Republic of China due to their excellent business and money-making skills.

These are the people who live in Wenzhou city situated in the extreme southeast of Zhejiang province in China. The people have the natural culture of starting the business and connecting with parts of the world. I am particularly inspired by the Wenzhou business persons who are the leading market pioneer groups due to their diligence and the ability to overcome stiff competition in any business environment.

Many people refer to them as business expert maneuvers, as they control and hold and control key in the international economy. The Wenzhou business people do not fear to start small, which has seen many of them start their businesses from scratch and end up controlling the market. For instance, they individually own about 240,000 industrial units and many of their companies are found in China’ s top 500 enterprises. In addition, Wenzhou people are also good marketers because they are not always afraid of hitting the wall, as their primary goal is to promote and sell their products and services.

The people are good at smiling and paying lip service, which makes them good marketers in the world. Therefore, I am personally and professionally inspired by the Wenzhou people because they are natural business people who are ready to start from nothing to build a business empire. They are determined to succeed regardless of the conditions, the competition in the market, and the challenges that they face.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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