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The paper "Portfolio Analysis" is a great example of a Business assignment. Employability skills are an individual’ s capability into gaining employment, obtaining new employment if need be, and maintaining it. It is all about getting employed and doing the work as required, thus meeting the company’ s objectives. Additionally, they are skills required to be self-sufficient in the corporate world and realizing one’ s potential through employment.   . It depends on one’ s ability, skills, and knowledge an individual possesses. One is supposed to use the skills as owns assets to present to the employers and apply them in the context of the workers employed.

According to Bloch and Bates (1998), employability is two-sided, where individuals need appropriate and usable market information to help them make decisions about the corporate market. Fallow and Steven (2000) also claim that employability is not all about academic or vocational skills, there is more than this. Individuals need support to discover when their information would be useful, interpret it, thus turning it into relevant intelligence. They also need opportunities to make their own decisions, acquire training and employment.

Demand and supply of labor, therefore, need to be taken into account when it comes to employability, which often depends on unavoidable circumstances. However, individual employability depends on some issues like, Knowledge, attitudes, and skills which in this sense are his or her assets, the way he deploys those assets, presenting them to their employees, and the exact context within which they seek employment.                         Five different jobs I think I would be eligible for are, Human resource manager, Human Resource Director, Administrator, Secretary, and Public relations officer. Some of the employability skills I would need to apply in employment are Application of Numeracy.

  This is my understanding of mathematical concepts and applying them based on proper reasoning.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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