Essays on Social Structure of Managerial Work - Work at Disneyland Assignment

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The paper "Social Structure of Managerial Work - Work at Disneyland" is a perfect example of a management assignment.   The hierarchical authority structure is commonly used in most of the organizations in the United States of America and other parts of the world. In this type of structure, the Chief Executive Officer is the senior-most person at the company followed by managers the supervisors with the employees occupying the lowest rank. In this form of structure, the CEO and the managers yield a lot of powers over the employees. The centralization of authority has been used in organizations such as Covenant Corporation which has various divisions and thousands of workers.

The relationship between the employees and the management staff members is dependent on whether the authority is centralized or decentralized (Percy, 2014). This has been useful to most of the organization in the process of developing the organizational culture. In the organizations where the managers yield a lot of power, it is difficult for ordinary employees to approach them. In other instances, the employees are forced to cover for their bosses. It is the responsibility of the employees to ensure that their bosses do not make any mistakes.

This is achieved by providing them with all the detailed information about the operations of the company. In large companies with different divisions, it is the responsibility of the managers in each of the division to ensure that it is able to meet the goals and objectives of the parent company. This includes ensuring that the division is able to obtain a specified amount of profits. This has led to the development of new concepts in management.

Management by objective is increasingly becoming common in most of the hierarchies. This requires the managers to carry out their operations in accordance with the objectives that have been set by the organization. Management by objective has some merits as it increases the levels of commitments by the CEO as well as the lowest ranking employee. In the current management set up, an employee who questions any decision by the management is considered defiant (Thorson & Moore, 2013). The defiance to the authority leads to automatic dismissal of the employee.

The subordinates, therefore, respect every decision made by the authority. In most instances, the subordinates have to go an extra mile to cover up for the inadequacies or inefficiencies of the managers. The position of the CEO attracts a lot of power in most of the organizations. A simple visit by a CEO to a division of the company may see a lot of money being spent on preparations. This is to ensure that the place looks attractive or much better. This form of authority has positive as well as negative impacts on the management processes.

It provides the subordinates with little or no opportunity to make contributions to the growth and development of the company. However, it ensures that the subordinates are in compliance with all the rules and regulations that have been put in place by the authority. A consultative approach may be useful in ensuring that better relations between the authorities and the subordinates are created.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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