Essays on Colorblindness Is Voiced Most Strongly by White Americans Assignment

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The paper "Colorblindness Is Voiced Most Strongly by White Americans" is a wonderful example of an assignment on social science. In US racism is a common thing, but the problem is that people judge others on the basis of their color which is termed as colorblindness. I had never observed the issue of colorblindness in my surroundings or perhaps I had never paid attention to racism. I believed I am an open-minded person who never considers myths like colorblindness. However, colorblindness turned to a hot topic and everywhere people are talking about colorblindness in America on TV, news channels, print media and on the internet.

Hitchcock noted that “ colorblindness, while voiced by all Americans to various degrees, but is more strongly voiced by white Americans” . Last Friday when I was out with my friends I observed a real-world experience of colorblindness but had observed a totally different thing as per the statement of Hitchcock. When we were enjoying coffee at a coffee shop, a black guy visited the shop and people started looking at him suspiciously including my friends.

When I asked for one of my friends who were strongly refusing himself a racist, he told me that the person is looking like African American and these people are stupid and dangerous. The guy even had not finished his coffee and left the table just because of ‘ white’ American’ s starring. This helped me understand that who is actually racist and who is the victim. For the first time, I realized how problematic is colorblindness because under the mask of colorblindness people especially whites are hiding their contemporary racist thoughts.

In fact, color blindness is far more harmful than racism because colorblind people never think about the race of a person.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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