Essays on A Broader and Bolder Approach Uses Education to Break the Cycle of Poverty by Noguera Article

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The paper "A Broader and Bolder Approach Uses Education to Break the Cycle of Poverty by Noguera" is a brilliant example of an article on education. Students' life out of school has a tremendous influence on their achievements at school. The research shows that all organizations that support students' well-being can be claimed to have a positive impact on students' success at school. For instance, community centers, support centers for immigrants, non-profit organizations, churches, and healthcare centers improve quality of life in poor neighborhoods; thus, access to these organizations can positively impact students' achievements (Noguera, 2011).

Of course, schools and kindergartens (or any other educational institutions) can provide students the necessary education and support in and out of school because they are two main institutions where children get enough attention and an example of normal life. Early education and support is a key solution to poverty. At the same time, overall poverty in neighborhoods, high crime prevalence, drugs, and negative social capital do not help children to break through poverty. They have a negative effect on their success and development. It is necessary to suggest educational leaders engage their community in order to make schools better and safer places for children.

The idea to extend school days and make students attend school on Saturdays mentioned by Noguera (2011) looks like a good alternative to their exposure to misfortunes of life outside their school. Also, educational leaders should not be afraid of asking their community to help. Isolation does not let schools be strong enough to change the community where they exist. Drawing the attention of investors, funds, and sponsors takes time and resources but it is worth trying for the sake of children.

Being short of resources public schools cannot do enough to take kids away from the streets. Charismatic and inspiring leadership is needed to make schools better and engage parents and sponsors in building a brand new community where poverty does not hinder students' achievements.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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