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The paper 'Personal SWOT Analysis" is a good example of a management case study. Good grades: I have consistently recorded good grades and I, therefore, believe that this is a major strength for me in a market that is highly competitive. Good grades often represent a person’ s cognitive ability and are highly considered during any job interview. According to Griffin (2004), adequate knowledge ensures that a person can effectively handle assignments within their line of duty. Highly ambitious: I consider myself to be very ambitious and I strive to meet my goals whenever I undertake any endeavor.

I consider this a great strength as it proves effective in achieving my goals. Good interpersonal communication skills: My communication skills are well developed and I believe that I can express my ideas in a logical manner both verbally and in written form. Communication skills are a combination of verbal, written and listening skills and therefore a person cannot be deemed to have proper communication skills if he does not possess these attributes (Adair 2009; Hansen & Hansen, 2010). Outstanding interpersonal skills: In a world where the world has become continually interactive and where organizations are increasingly employing a multi-cultural workforce, it is important to have exceptional interpersonal skills (Hansen & Hansen, 2010).

I am glad that I can easily interact with people of all ages and origins. Enthusiastic and willing to take challenges: I consider my unending enthusiasm for life and my daring attitude as a strength that allows me to face challenges as they occur. Subsequent evidence indicates that the jobs are becoming increasingly challenging and that only those who are braced for the challenge are likely to succeed (Nicholas, 1998; Careerbuilder, 2010). Good problem-solving skills: Organizations are seeking candidates who are not only well qualified but who are tolerant to challenges and have exceptional capabilities to deal with everyday problems in the course of their jobs (Simonsen, 2000).

I am well endowed with problem-solving skills and can attest to this through various problems that I have helped to solve.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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