Essays on Potential Source of Problem in Allan Enterprise Case Study

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The paper "Potential Source of Problem in Allan Enterprise " is a great example of the management case study. The case involves Allan enterprise which currently is a national sales and marketing company that operate within a single branch location and also two supporting sites. The biggest problem faced by the enterprise is the efficiency of the area that the company is situated. This area is highly lacking concerning the essential components involved in the sales campaign such as closing accounts, generation of sales and also increasing the internet exposure of their customers.

Also, their management currently faces the problem of increasing the production of every department effectively as there has been a consistent challenge that the national headquarters of the company has faced and recognized. Identify symptoms attended to and a potential source of the problem There are numerous problems apparently faced by Allan enterprises especially concerning the motivation of the workers. Most of these challenges deal with this current motivational situation that has to lead to the focus on low motivation especially from these policies that have dropped the expectancy of the workers.

Also, the company currently faces the challenges of valence, instrumentality and also a combination of these three elements that mainly focus on expectancy theory. Griffin, (2016)stated that expectancy theory typically utilizes all these components in multiple spectra for the sole purpose of assessing the motivational force of the organization and also having a policy that would significantly lower just one of these elements and has led to a lack of productivity from the employees of the company. Analysis One of the first things Rebecca, the local district manager must clearly need to deal with is the expectancy of the workers.

Expectancy is the perceived association between the effort put in and the accomplished performance of an individual. This is a problem with the artists and also Jeya, the sales manager. As Jeya puts a lot of effort, she discovers new accounts but is having the challenge of closing these sales due to things that she cannot control. With all the artists, they have a target that is not possible for them to accurately acquire. Even though they put in a lot of effort, they can still fall behind and on their work with returns of poor quality work.

In the case of John, she does not effectively associate high effort with performance (DuBrin, 2008). She can focus all her efforts on the production of quality work; however, she might fall behind, or she might not meet her expected quota. John associates quantity as the accurate measurement of good performance over quality. She is highly motivated to produce more than producing better quality advertisements. Lorayne perceives quality work as a real measure of performance rather than meeting his quota.

It is, therefore, significant to highlight that expectancy is typically based on perceptions of what stands for good performance. Both of these employees have different perspectives concerning the idea of good performance. Lorayne measures performance through quality while Paula utilizes quantity to measure performance.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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