Essays on Gender, Governance and the Global Political economy by Penny Griffin Book Report/Review

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The paper "Gender, Governance and the Global Political economy by Penny Griffin" is a wonderful example of a book review on social science. In this work, the aims at shedding light on governance issues in the global economy. The work is also directed towards scrutinizing the possibility of neo-liberalism in liberating the global economy. Griffin (pp. 86) indicates that empowering society emanates from the implementation of global governance mechanisms. The mobilization of the global economy, in this case, is much more concerned with mobilizing women towards contributing to the society’ s economy. Women need to be motivated positively to contribute to society, especially in third world countries.

In a real sense, it is believed that with women incorporated into the economy, there is a great likelihood that they will actively enhance the economy in a formal way. Formality, in relation to Griffin (pp. 86), will reduce the chances that women will feel undermined in terms of their contribution to the economy. This interprets that women will feel that their energies contribute positively to economic growth. In essence, this work aims at weighing the difference in the amount of effort dedicated by both men and women in an attempt to check if there is much difference between the genders.   In the event of the assessing applied by both men and women, the economy will be better as compared to a situation where the men are considered to be the major stakeholders in advancing the economy.

If the women are made to feel that their contribution is much appreciated, they are bound to contribute more. In the third world countries, for instance, a great percentage of the women in these countries in the countries are the most affected by poverty.

In this case, they will be emancipated by poverty and will be more mobilized into devising more productive means of having income. This is an elucidation of the fact that the percentage of the poor in the society, the women, is geared towards the development of the economy.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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