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Consumer Report Product Chosen – Apple computers, iPads. i Pods and iPhones. I) Features of these Apple products i) Apple Computers - Apple computerswhen viewed from a cost perspective is much high rated than window based system. Apple is a world class level computer as it is known for its thinness, ultra- light weight quality and sophisticated fast speed processor. Now Apple Computers are available in 11- and 13-inch models whereas the latter is known as Thirteen-inch ultra books. Additionally the battery life of this computer is 8 hrs which is worth appreciating.

Apple has got screen display which is par excellence due to the resolution of 2560-by-1440.Mac also deliver the cord free mouse which is extrememly convenient to use. The wireless technology in Mac which is 802 11 makes it easier to connect to a Wi– fi network. ii)Apple iPads – The new apple I – pads has crossed the benchmark of excellence by launching it’s “retina display “feature. The detailing and color accuracy in this product is worth appreciating. The display feature of this tablet has set a new milestone for its rivals in the case of visual benefits.

One of the potential features of Apple I –Pad is that it can fit into even a lady’s purse that means e- readers can fit this gadget into any minimal amount of space. The battery life of this tablet is 10 hrs or more which is a humongous attraction to world wide computer lovers. Even the graphical featuring of Apple tablet is unique and worth appreciating. iii) Apple iPods: The Apple iPods is the king of kings when it comes to technological features and usability.

The body of the I Pod is sleek and classy and comes in metal enclosed outer covering. The storage limit is 160 GB and its classic series can store 40,000 songs, video of 200 hours span and 25,000 photos. Even the iPod comes in varying eye catchy colors. Apple iPod has been launched in various versions like iPod shuffle and iPod Nano. Moreover it is possible to do a laser engraving on one’s ipod, which is another latest feature. The iPod shuffle guarantees a 2 GB song storage capacity.

Moreover it has the facility to hold multiple play list, audio books, genius mixes and audio books. iv)Apple iPhones: The new Apple iPhone has excellent features like high powered and seven time quicker graphics playing ability. It has dual-core A5 chip which gives more speed and power to the applications. This i – Phone has 8 MP iSight camera which can shoot a video of 1080p high definition. It has Siri feature which allows the user to use their own voice for various application.

Siri is kind of robotic action and allows cell phone to make calls, set reminders and handle messages in owner’s own voice. iPhone additionally have a feature called “iCloud” where the user’s document s, photos, music will be stored and later pushed into your devices wirelessly and effortlessly. Benefits of Apple Products i)Apple Computers: Unlike other personal computers and lap tops, Apple iPhones comes in unique design and shape. Buying and owning a Mac computer is prestigious experience as Apple products are known for its “name and fame” The technology provided by Mac book is par excellence which none of its rivals could take over.

Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, which is the operating system of MAC is faster, reliable and easier to use than any of the it’s rivals. And Every MAC has i chat facility which is advantageous for the customers when they work at home or office. These i-Chat allows the customer to chat in a four dimensions while chatting or video – conferencing. This is excellently potential for customers who are business entrepreneurs or corporate officials.

: ii)Apple iPads: The superior highlight of owning I – Pad is the look it has of being a sleek and smart classic electronic gadget. Apple iPad boots much faster than other computers, which is magical and extremely innovative feature to project. Another advantageous feature that every i-Pad owner would cherish is its battery life which goes anywhere beyond 20 hrs. Moreover, the i-Pad works much faster than other computer due to the usage of technological advanced operating system. The i-Pad also enables the owner to get access to hundreds of songs and movies with superfluous quality and sharp display.

It is also easier to carry as it is light in weighted. It is also a prestigious symbol to own an apple I-Pad as it’s is the classiest computer in the market. iii) Apple iPods. Being a portable music player, Apple i-Pod cease to have any rivals and credit goes to its exquisite technical features. It is a light weighted musical player which is very comfortable to use. It is more than a music player, as it can be used as multi – media player, pod cast player and photo slide shower.

Consumer has the benefit of suing it as a game player, news provider and audio book reader. Apple iPods are stylish and this gives a flamboyant outlook to this product. The display of iPod is excellent an s the screen is 1.5 to 2.5 inches in width. which can display various medias and visuals. Moreover, the consumer has the advantage of 1GB to 160GB storage space. iv)Apple iPhone If a person owns an iPhone then he gets the advantage of phone, internet-mail, music player and video player.

It is an all in one electronic device which gives a complete satisfaction as a mobile communicator to the consumer. It has an unimaginable interface which gives the user awesome ways of technically connecting with one self and with others. The added benefit is that the iphone screen has the usability with touch screen nature. A user can access to weather report, map, cameramen-mail, wide access to internet, digital music and video all at one stretch. . The consumer has the prestigious advantage of visualizing images in large, beautiful and clear screen of iPhone.

The control of its application is adventurous, entertaining and thrilling. Buying Apple Products a)Buying online: In today’s world if one has the financial capability to buy any product, then the product reach at their doorstep. So in case of Apple products, a person can view the specification and features of a product and decide to buy the products online. The website of Apple products has all of its new launched series of electronic gadgets and a buyer just need to select them and add to the basket and make payment through debit or credit cards.

However some countries have the exception and they don’t make delivery of their products. b)Buying from store. Like another product, all of apple products can be bought from an apple store in its specific location in a city. It is advisable to the consumer to buy products only from a genuine store. Buying from a store is anytime better because a consumer can see and feel the computer and match it up with his ideal image of computer in his mind.

And when buying froma store one does not have to wait, as once he makes the payment, the computer is acquired by the consumer. c)Cost and shopping Advantage: When it comes to pricing, it is always beneficial for the consumer to buy Apple products online. However, in online shopping, the shipping costs are involved. and can add to the total cost of the products. But while shipping the computer, complete assurance cannot be given as to the delivery. For example if a person is staying out of USA, then it is ideal for that person to buy products from a recognized apple store near to his home.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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