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The paper "New Business In The Summertown Area Of Oxford" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. Sunshine cafe is going to be a new coffee shop that provides a good environment for people to meet and interact. Sunshine cafe will not be like an ordinary bar where people meet; it will provide a unique dining experience through an intimate and family-oriented atmosphere. The location will also allow people to enjoy coffee and healthy options such as salads, sandwiches, and wraps, as well as provide take out options. The café will also provide free Wi-Fi to its customers so that they can enjoy their coffee and other foods as they take advantage of the free internet.

The coffee shop will be established as a sole proprietorship. Location The best location chosen is Summertown, Oxford. Summertown is a place that will give Sunshine a strong chance of success. The location potential lies in the fact that it is a vibrant area that is heavily trafficked and is a lot of support for business and this may facilitate the coffee shop growth. Management Summary Sunshine will start its operation as a small business, to ensure the costs of labor are kept to a minimum.

The owner will act as the cafe manager and will be responsible for approving recruitment and financial decisions. Other positions include assistant manager, who will be responsible for the day-to-day finances of the business, as well as the customer when the manager is absent. Additionally, the business will also need cooks, chefs, waiters/waitress, kitchen assistant and cashiers to work in the daily running of the business. The business will also recruit a marketing team and accountant, whose offices will be located outside the coffee shop (Anderson & David 2011). SWOT Analysis The following SWOT analysis lists the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Sunshine café along with the weighted impact on its mission. Strengths The strengths of this café come from a combination of its staff, a good location, as well as coffee and food offerings.

By offering both coffee and healthy foods, Sunshine café will appeal to different tastes and thus attract more customers. It will also be located in a place with huge traffic and accessibility.

The café staff is properly trained to prepare quality coffee and good food (Janecka 2011). The café will also provide both food and coffee that exceed their competitors' quality and affordability. The staff is also trained to offer quality service and they also share a passion for the job they do (Davidow 2003). This type of quality service will provide an enjoyable experience to the customers and may trigger return visits. The Sunshine café building is structured to provide comfort and to invite feel to its customers where people will not only enjoy coffee and food but also the atmosphere. Weaknesses One of the major weaknesses of Sunshine café lies in the fact that it is a new business.

However, this may be overcome by the extensive marketing of the café . A new business must initially publicize itself to create a positive image in the mind of a customer by giving out positive information. Sunshine café will be marketing through social media platforms, as well as flyers in Summertown. Their prices will be higher associated with the café 's desire to provide high-quality coffee and organic foods.

However, the higher price is also associated with an increase in food nutritional value. Since Sunshine café is a new business, it will have to overcome the initial startup debt and a limited supply of funds in the first few months of its operation.



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