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The paper "Marketing Plan for Apple IPad 2" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   SWOT analysis is one of the most powerful tools used in strategic management, which identifies the strengths and weakness of a given product, and threats and opportunities in a given external environment. SWOT analysis provides helpful information to match Apple resources and capabilities in a competitive environment that the company operates. Proper identification of SWOT is important due to the subsequent steps in the planning process to achieve the selected objectives. The objective of SWOT analysis is to identify key external and internal factors, which are important in achieving the set objectives.

The iPad 2, a product designed developed and marketed by the world’ s leading company Apple Inc offer exceptional potential due to audiovisual media platform in which is it has been made. The Apple iPad 2 provides media platform including periodicals, movies, music, books, web contents, and games. 19 2.1.1Strengths20 The iPad 2 provides extensive features for audiovisual media platform including movies, books, periodicals, web contents, and games. The size and weight of this product fall between that of a contemporary smartphone and the laptop computer.

The iPad 2 has the capability of learning its own application as well as applications from iPhones. 20 Screen and input20 The iPad 2 touch screens have the capability of displaying 1024x768 pixel liquid crystal display. It has a glass that is fingerprint and scratch resistant. 20 Connectivity20 Power and battery20 Storage and SIM20 The iPad 2 3G has a black gadget on the underside that allows the cellular signals to pass through it. 21 2.2.2Weaknesses21 2.2.3 Opportunities21 Some external factors provide opportunities for Apple’ s iPad 2. The adoption and launch of iPad 2 put it ahead of the iPod touch, the iPhone, and all notebooks for the first full quarter sales showing that the product has the likelihood to expand in sales.

The iPad 2 is showing healthy acceptability and growth worldwide. Apple released iPad 2 in 25 more countries including Australia, Britain, Hong Kong, Belgium, Ireland, Mexico, Luxembourg Netherlands, Singapore, and New Zealand and has that Wi-Fi iPad 2 will be availed in China suggesting an incremental distribution opportunity. 21 The iOS platform has been taken as the growth and profit driver for this company and thus it has been able to increase sustainability and growth opportunity, for their devices and the associated products and services. 21 The company estimates that its EPS and revenues will grow for more than 17% annually through a period of five years and thus give the customer an opportunity to buy in apple and investors to invest.

Introduction of the non-data iPhone and low priced iPad 2 has the potential of materially boosting Apple’ s earning and compelling customer to buy from apple. 22 2.2.4 Threats22 The launch of the previous product; the iPhone had a price point of $499-$599.

This had soon reduced by $200 and even further to $199 in 2008. This has created fear that the acceptability of iPad 2 in the market will follow the same trend. Critics from digital rights advocate that iPad 2 has digital right restriction which may be a threat to the marketability of the product. 22 2.3 SWOT Recommendations22 There is a need to match the internal strengths and weaknesses found in the product with external threats and opportunities to find the appropriate recommendation that will be applied in the market. 22


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