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Executive SummaryPatient safety is an important concern and has become a major interest to governments, healthcare professionals and researchers across the world (European Commission Special Eurobarometer Report, 2010). Numerous studies and researches have been conducted to assess severity, prevalence and causes of lack of patient safety within hospital settings (Duckers et al. , 2009). Healthcare industry is responsible for ensuring preventive and curative measures are in place and also ensuring that new infections or problems are not experienced within the health facility. Healthcare industry is faced by numerous risks that include medical errors, falls, and awareness (Cohen et al. , 2005).

These problems come with different challenges that should be addressed and strategies to prevent these problems are in place (Benn et al. , 2009). Some of the strategies that the government and other stakeholders have introduced to improve on patient safety include reporting of patient safety situations, patient safety awareness amongst patients and standardisation and modernisation of healthcare practices (Youngberg, 2012). In addition, healthcare facilities have instituted their own strategies of championing patient safety. Some of the measures include type of floors to prevent values, patient awareness to ensure the patient is informed and multidisciplinary approach by medical professionals in offering and administering their services.

Industry OverviewDifferent organisations come with different requirements and difficulties in the way they accomplish different tasks (Duckers et al. , 2009). Some of the organisations are responsible for certain human specific tasks such as healthcare. Healthcare industry is an important component within the society and economy in ensuring that human being is healthy and able to accomplish day to day activities (European Commission Special Eurobarometer Report, 2010).

Healthcare facilities have numerous responsibilities ranging from preventive to curative measures. Healthcare industry has continuous been successful but sometimes there are risks that are associated with the industry. Healthcare industry is vulnerable to numerous factors that may include policies, government involvement and industry standards. In addition, healthcare industry is faced with specific problems that should put place measures to ensure these problems does not adverse its operations (Byers and White, 2004). Some of the problems faced by healthcare industry may include inadequate professionalism, lack of enough resources and misinformation regarding specific healthcare facility (Duckers et al. , 2009).

Moreover, risk is inherent in healthcare industry and it comes in different forms that may include new infectious to patient safety within specific facility (Cohen et al. , 2005). Usually measures are in place to avoid risks but like any other industry, concerns regarding risks should be continually monitored and corrective measures instituted (Benn et al. , 2009). The aim of this report is to analyse healthcare industry on the perspective of patient safety. Patient safety and safety to human resource within healthcare industry is important.

Satisfaction of a patient is important and thus maintaining high patient safety standards is inherent. A Major Area of Risk in Health IndustryPatient safety within the healthcare industry is an important component. Many patients visiting a health facility hope that the received best services towards solving their health related complications. The aim of these patients is to ensure that they are appropriately handled and taken care of. However, this perception has been influenced by numerous incidents of patient safety concerns. According to European Commission Special Eurobarometer Report (2010), it estimates that between 8% and 12% of patients that are admitted into the hospitals will complain of adverse events while receiving healthcare services.

Moreover, the report further states that new infections accounting to 5% have been reported of the hospitalised patients.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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