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The paper "Impact of Social Networking Sites" is a great example of a report on marketing. This research work critically examines the impact of social networking sites for marketing communications. Social media is recently one of the most influential ways of spreading information across nations. This is because it has established itself as a leading source of information and has some of the highest numbers of followers and users. The media has received worldwide attention for its techniques in promotions, creating awareness, and giving information on controversial topics. Social networking has therefore taken over from direct marketing of informing people about the company’ s products.

It is also the online version of word of mouth as people are able to give their views and receive feedback immediately. Harnessing this method is therefore beneficial to any business as it results in increased customer base, more sales, and higher online visibility. Impact of social networking sites Introduction Online marketing is the recent trending topic in social media marketing as it has significantly influenced most companies to connect to various social media channels as a way of marketing.

Glynn and David (2010) show if well implemented social networks are the cheapest and effective mode of marketing and promotion of organizational products. However, once the social networks are not used effectively they might lead a company into a disaster. This explains the reason why most companies have turned around social media as they benefit from various reasons which include improving company profile, products, improved customers value, etc. Social media marketing involves a practice where organizations follow to connect with their target markets. The above study shows the impact of social networking sites for marketing communications that coordinates various promotional elements such as personal selling, sales promotion, and direct marketing. Social network sites and marketing According to Jeremiah (2008) in 2007, 33 percent of small businesses indicated that they would increase spending on social networks in marketing their products while only 37 percent of the businesses do not use social networking.

This shows that a big number of small businesses use social media, company websites, and email marketing.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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