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The paper “ Coles Group Workforce Analysis” is a thrilling variant of the case study on human resources. Coles Group is a large Australian business operating in the retail industry. The latest available government statistics about the company were released in 2006, at which time the company had 165,000 employees. At the time, 61 percent of the Group’ s employees were women. On the management level, 79.2 percent of all positions were occupied by men, while only 20.8 percent of all management positions were occupied by women (Australian Government 1). Current statistics however indicate that the number of employees in the company had gone down to 94,000 employees serving an estimated 4.5 million customers on a weekly basis (Coles). Employees’ competencies are gauged depending on the work positions available.

Being a retail company, Coles Group offers both casual and part-time employment opportunities to its employees, and permanent or contract-based employment for employees working in departments such as information technology, human resources, corporate affairs, and the finance and administration. Other departments where people are employed either permanently or on a contract basis include the legal department, the property department, and the supply chain department (Westfarmers 1). Current and predicted retirements, turnovers, and secondmentsSince there are no specific data available for retirement, turnovers, or secondments, this analysis will use the data provided by CNNMoney. com and the Australian government to estimate the annual turnover and retirement statistics in the company.

Between 2006 and 2008, there were 49389 workers who had retired, quit voluntarily, or were fired with no replacements. This means that the average turnover in the company is around 16, 000 people. However, this analysis cannot rule out the possibility that the situation could be different now, especially given that the financial performance of the company was poor during the 2006-2007 period, a situation that eventually led to the sale of Coles Group to Wesfarmers Limited (Coles Group Limited 2).

Current skills essential to the business

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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