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“HOW TO WIN CUSTOMERS”Abstract: Businesses today are getting more competitive, daring, innovative and sometimes surprisingly unaware of the people’s needs. They instead focus on wants which can dissolve the standard of providing quality product and diminished good customer service. Losing grounds with the customer is the most terrible thing that could happen in a business. What is more intriguing is losing the interest of those who receive bad information about your trade. There are always 2 factors in having a good business. First is getting customers to buy your product or services considering the varieties of cheaper products in the market today, and second is keeping customer’s loyalty so they stick to your product.

How to neutralize negative attitudes of the people is also considered one of the hardest aspects in keeping a business. Probably losing credibility as a trader will provide you lessons to ponder so you can amend ways to improve your products or change your style towards providing quality customer service to customers. In this paper, we will discuss ways and means, methods and styles and even innovations to gain customers’ interest and put you in the proper business.

Not with compromising your livelihood. Perhaps having a business is the most natural way of knowing different people – their interest, background, aspiration, preference, likes and dislikes and even predicting their needs which when summed up together will make up a single word, customer. It is not just earning the bucks in a business. It is earning people’s trust, sympathy and satisfaction to your product or services. If you have that, you are doing some great business there. Change the way people see your product and you will be fine.

Change their attitude to believe in your enterprise would be most beneficial. It is hard fact but it is real and you have to follow the rules of a good merchant. Here we gather some information from different sources as to where, when and how to deal with potential and old customers, gaining their loyalty, winning them back and probably changing the attitudes of the people towards you and your product in a positive way. To get a more positive evaluation of how certain products can insulate itself from bad publicity and attitude by the consumers, a research was made based from attitude challenge matching and consumer alignment and judgment.

Incorporating the research based from these factors, the authors found out how enterprises can protect themselves from bad publicity and how clients can identify brands per se according to the publicity. The result of the study stated that brands which are already popular and have large followers tend to deflect any bad publicity in the market while unpopular brands are more prone and easily affected by bad publicity (Pullig et al. , 2006).

This is now putting more challenges to the new businessmen. As a neophyte businessman, if somebody wants to do business with you but is hesitant and uncomfortable, have the courage to ask them what would make them comfortable with you. You must understand their hesitations because not just money is involved here but their families, lifestyle, livelihood, recreation and personal interest. You can make amendments according to how they want to transact with you and do business.

Their trust and confidence is most needed and your new business is depended on them. Try to get feedbacks from them as well as from your new prospects (Needleman, 2007)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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