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The paper 'Vacation Care Services is a great example of a Finance and Accounting Case Study. VSC is a growing cleaning company as started by Dom who provided care services on vacation. The company has grown tremendously, and more clients are asking for their services and management has grown too. Dom has to pick mails, take care of the gardens, tend to pets and houseplants, and clean houses. The cleaning services are now on a daily basis, and therefore, the company needs a flowchart. A company gathers information using flowcharts as it shows the internal control structure of the company regarding the division of duties, responsibilities, and data flow.

Flow charts are important in businesses as they make it easier for the management and the clients to see how the system works. Flowcharts are easy to understand and therefore magnificent for interpretation of business reports. Cash Handling and accounts receivable process flowchart At the beginning of every month, Vocation Care services, review their accounts to confirm payments. Dom and Dustie are required to conduct a follow up on the Accounts Receivable process flow to ensure that every employee and client receives and makes their payments respectively.

Below are the Cash handling and accounts receivable process flowchart for VCS. (Fung & GUL, 2014)   Time scheduling process flowchart Accounts payable process flowchart Accounts payable flowchart is a representation of the transaction flow process. Payroll process flowchart This flowchart shows the review, processing, and printing reports of the payroll process in Vacation Care Services. VCS is doing well, and that is the reason Dr. Evans is suggesting the expansion of the cleaning business to Dom. However, Dustie and Dom are having some hard times like class clashes and the hassle of sorting out equipment and supplies.

With the right changes, Dustie and Dom can manage the company and still attend classes. Some of the suggestions include: Vacation Care Services is rapidly expanding, and the size of the workforce is increasing. Dom and Dustie might spend a lot of time putting schedules together, and it is advisable that the company use workforce management to reduce the burden of time schedules. Using workforce management will improve the accuracy of the schedules because it uses in-depth calculations and historical date using logarithms.

These systems will prevent human error such as class schedules conflict. WFM systems save time as it can auto-approve requests for time-off or deny thus managing PTO. Besides, it becomes easier for the company to set up new schedules in few minutes especially when a cleaner calls off. The cleaning employees will also share the advantage of adapting to sudden shift changes, for example, to make a change in the work schedule, the employee does not require calling or emailing the manager, they just request online.

However, WFT is costly comparing it with computer scheduling that Vacation Care services use. It is embarrassing for a growing company to shop for equipment every time a client asks for cleaning services. Rather, the company should have all their equipment and products at the storage facility where they are easily accessible. The company should purchase all the equipment that the company requires and have a rule that every employee should return the equipment they use, failure to that, and they receive a penalty. This rule will ensure the well-handling of the cleaning and that Dom does not receive challenges when sorting out supplies and equipment.

However, the company will incur a lot of cash purchasing all equipment and products.


Fung, S., & GUL, A.F. (2014). Hong Kong Auditing: Economic Theory & Practice (Third Edition). City University of HK Press: Hong Kong.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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