Essays on Present An Analytical Report To The Course Coordinator (Denise Tomlin) In Response To The Four Assignment

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Analytical report in response to “The Overhaul of John’s Business – Organising Staff for Success”IntroductionHuman resource management regards to the procedure of managing individuals in organizations through a structured as well as thorough way. It is accountable for the attraction, choosing, instructing, evaluation in addition to recompensing of workers, whereas managing organizational governance and philosophy. Human resources was arrived at following the human relations movement in the early 20th century, following studies on the manners of forming business value via planned management of personnel. In small organizations the functions of human resource might be executed by a small number of trained experts.

In huge organizations, a whole functional group is dedicated to the company management. In the case study provided, there are major human resource management issues that need to be looked at while refurbishing the business. These aspects involve organisational structure, communication, staffing and the importance of coaching within an organization. Organisational StructureEach organization comprised of more than one individual requires some kind of organisational structure. It involves all the business actions like allocation of duties, synchronization as well as administration, geared towards the attainment of business objectives.

An organisational structure might also be termed as the viewing outlook via which people view their organization and its surrounding (Marler 2012, p. 8). The organisational structure acts as the skeleton of any business by describing the functions as well as the department that constitute a business’s functioning, and depicts how every organisational factor fits in place. When every individual in a business comprehends their business structure, it becomes easy to work in unison, execute their duties and feel safe in the scope and restrictions of their work.

Businesses that strongly belief in the benefits of organisational structure normally have organisational charts availed to employees so that every individual within the business has a clear outlook of the company and their roles. Small businesses normally employ one or two kinds of organisational structure, functional or product. Within functional organisational structure, functional regions of the business report to the president of the company. The product organisational structure is designed for businesses which sell products. It is very important for any organization to ensure that the business organisational structure they use fits into their business.

In regard to John’s business, the organisational structure that he has employed cannot be justified for the small size of the business (Farndale, Jaap & Boselie 2010, p. 860). This is because the organisational structure has failed in ensuring that all employees within the organization coordinate their responsibilities as supposed. It is also noted that the business organisational structure of John’s business does not fit with the size of business. The business is small and growing, hence, there is no need for all the organisational positions allocated.

In such a small business the number of manager should be realistic so as to avoid too much power control within the business. The organisational structure of any business is specifically significant for making a decision. Many organisations normally have either a tall or flat structure. Small businesses are supposed to have a flat organisational structure, which is contrary to the structure of John’s business (Gary & Kidwell 2010, p. 230). John’s business seems to apply more of the tall organisational structure since, there are many management and supervision duties allocated to the few employees.

In a flat organisational structure, the managers’ report directly to the owner of the business and supervision roles can also be assigned to the few managers. Flat structures allow businesses to make faster decisions, as they progressively grow through the introduction of new products as well as the need for elasticity.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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