Essays on Characterization of Paul's Leadership Assignment

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The paper "Characterization of Paul's Leadership" is a great example of a management assignment.   Every team or group leader must possess the key skills necessary to lead his/her group forward. However, lack of adequate leadership skills may hinder the progress of the team and this may result in a rebellious attitude among the team members. Leaders must at all times maintain the vigour to forge forward (Zaccaro, 2007). One of the ways through which a team leader may perfect his performance in his team or group is by creating and communicating a clear vision to the members of his group about the direction of the team.

This includes setting clear and achievable goals and stipulating the time limits within which the goals and the team objectives should be achieved. The team leader must bear in mind the “ big picture” or the overall goals of the organization when creating and designing the goals of the team. This enables the leader to have a wide perspective of the specific requirements from every group member. After creating the goals, the team leader must also create and design a blueprint which stipulates the actions that should be undertaken towards achieving the organizational goals. According to Sykes (2011), the leader must communicate the clear vision in a simple language in order to enhance the understanding of the people he leads concerning the direction they have to take to achieve the objectives of the organization.

The team leader must calculate the up-front investment and then design the process that can make his team to maximize the returns on this investment. All these efforts must be related to the objectives of the organization. One of the things that Paul failed to do when he was first promoted to a position that required leadership and which gave him problems making changes and maintaining discipline was that he failed to create clear goals which every team member would follow in order to reach the organizational objectives.

Even though Paul was highly instrumental and hardworking in the organization which gave him a good reputation that earned him a promotion in the organization, he experienced problems by failing to create achievable and clear goals which would lead the entire team to the desired direction. Setting clear and achievable goals in the organization serves as the authority the leader requires in leading his team because the performance of every team member is weighed and gauged against the goals set by the leader.

In this perspective, once he was promoted to the leadership position Paul would have come up with blueprints on how different goals would be achieved (Mumford et al. , 2000). Some blueprints would require his subordinates to work overtime. This means that Paul needed not to communicate to his subordinated about the need to work overtime but the clear blueprints would necessarily push the subordinates to work overtime in order to achieve the goals set up by their leader Paul. Towards this end, it is clear that Paul’ s failure to set clear and achievable goals once he was first promoted to the leadership position was the cause of his failure as the leader because lack of clear goals leaves the subordinates in confusion and a rebellious attitude ensues among the subordinates.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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