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Productivity Improvement Productivity improvement Purpose of the performance review To encourage the employees perform their jobs in the most efficient way. To enhance teamwork To boost morale in the job area To enhance the relationship between the employees and their superiors To enhance the sales in the organization. To establish timelines before which the performance review should have been done Steps in preparing for a performance review 1. The employees should be given forms to conduct a self-evaluation test. In so doing the employees will be able gauge their performance and their input to the organization.

Additionally, it is vital that the employees give an honest opinion about their performance. Self-evaluation usually give the employees the chance to be as honest as possible. 2. Conduct an actual review of the employees. It is vital to conduct an actual performance of the employees as it helps in the gauging between what the employee thinks about his performance and what you think. It entails cross-examination of the work handled by employees and whether they meet se targets in their performance. 3. Developing a just and consistent working system will lead to the uniformity in the working of the employees.

Hence occurrence of comparisons of the employees will lead to minimal unfairness in the organization. The superiors need to treat all the employees equally and avoid cases of favours. Measures set upon to ensure there is employee productivity improvement Accountability- For productivity to improve in a given area, several factors need to be looked upon. Job places experience laxity in performance due to employees not getting satisfaction in the job they do. Hence, for productivity to improve, accountability is of great importance. Employees need to be aware of the decisions they make and hence passing blame to others should not happen at all.

In so doing the efficiency of the employee will significantly increase because the employee knows that being liable to what the individual does will not be an option. Encouragement, rewarding, motivating and recognizing is an essential tool in raising the performance of the employees. Rewarding an employee on a job well done means that the employee gets the urge to do the job even better. Furthermore recognizing and motivating makes the employees feel better and hence work with much zeal.

Performing these implementations as a unit will lead to the employees appreciate the feeling of being loved and appreciated. Teamwork-Enforcing of teamwork plays a crucial role in ensuring that the employees perform a given task in a unified way. Teamwork ensures that there is much input in a given job, and the job is done within the shortest time possible. Successful team building and working together leads to positive results in the job place. Rotation policy-Rotation policy in a job place helps in breaking the monotony of people working in a single area over an extended period.

When this implement in a given job environment, employees tend to acquire different skills from different areas and thus enjoy what they do. Additionally, rotation policy gives the employees exposure in performing their task and additionally gives the individual a holistic view of a given business. Setting of realistic targets and goals- Setting of realistic targets also helps to ensure that the employees perform to their level best. Realistic goals mean that the employees are expected to hit individual targets in the performance of their jobs.

When employees hit the target, they are expected to get incentives or recognized for their hard work. Additionally, the goals should be within the limits that the employee can achieve. Promotions-Promotions are a form of incentives to the employees. When an employee performs so well over a given period, the employee needs to be promoted and at the same time get a pay rise as this will make the individual work even harder and ensure that all the tasks are performed to the level best.

Additionally, the employees need to enjoy their work, and hence the managers need to find ways of making the people enjoy their work. Such a strategy can be developed through events and team building activities. Hence, for productivity to increase in the Jewellery Manufactory, the teamwork is fast necessary as it will ensure that the task is done within the shortest time possible. Additionally, promotions need to be advocated since these people work hard but rarely get promoted.

Recognition, motivations and encouragements need to be implemented together as they work hand in hand and yield the same results. Gender should not be an issue affecting productivity because what a man a woman can do better. Reference List Jones, N. (2015). 12 ways to improve productivity at the work place. [Online] tweak your biz. Available at: http: //Productivity Improvement Techniques for Employees. " [Accessed 14 Apr. 2015].

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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