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Fire and the Evacuation Process – Power PointOrder No. 365349IntroductionFire catastrophes in high- rise buildings has always been a source of concern for governments around the world as they strive to find fool proof methods for safety. Research in this area is an ongoing process that contributes a great deal towards finding and implementing innovative methods to safeguard life and property. However, even with the advancement of science and technology fire incidents do occur and there continues to be loss of life in damage to property. In this presentation, I am going to enlighten you on some of the salient features of the WTC catastrophe in addition to fire and fire- safety in general. 1.

Definition of a High- rise BuildingThe National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101, Life Safety Code, defines a high-rise building to be any building that is over 75 feet tall and is measured from the floor of the building to the highest occupied storey. (NFPA, Section 3.3. 25.6, 2000)2. Salient Features of Fire SafetyFire safety is a collective term used to describe the safety of life and property during a fire catastrophe which include –a) The framing of fire safety policies by the Governmentb) Legislation codes that include a proper guide for fire engineering practicesc) Saving of life and property in the shortest possible timec) Proper fire exits to ensure the safety of the inmates in high- rise buildingsd) Extinguishing a fire as soon as it is reportede) Limiting the spread of fire by using the latest equipment and technology f) Evacuating victims to safety at the cost of risking their own livesg) Taking the right precautionary measures and not leaving anything to chance. 3.

Few Facts about Specific High-rise Buildingsa) First ever skyscraper in the World - The Home Insurance Buildingb) It was built by - Engineer William Le Baronc) Place – Chicagod) Year built - 1885e) The height of the structure – 180 feet high (10 storeys)f) It was constructed as a rival to – The Tower of Babel. (Dupre, 1996, pg. 14)g) Most modern and contemporary high- rise building –The Petronas Towers h) Height of the Petronas Towers – 1483 feet (453 meters)i) Most recent highest skyscraper in the world – The Burj Dubai Building. 4.

Necessity of Avoiding Fires in High- rise BuildingsTo avoid loss of human life and propertyTo avoid damage to high-rise buildingsTo avoid facing the aftermath of a fire catastrophe To safeguard the government against a rehabilitation processTo avoid the trauma, pain and suffering of those affected by lossSafeguarding the lives of fire evacuation personnel Causes of Fire in High- rise BuildingsPoor building construction Use of cheap building materials Use of flammable construction materials Poor precautionary and safety measures within the building Insufficient research and use of the latest technologies Occupation of old buildings using traditional methods of approach Improper and insufficient fire exits Insufficient knowledge of human behavior during fires Loopholes in the Government’s regulations for high-rise buildings Insufficient fire response facilities and equipment Inefficient manpower Unavailability of the latest technologies for the evacuation process

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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