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The paper 'The Role of Advertising Research' is a great example of a Management Essay. Accounting is a vast area and covers different topics and areas which make the field very dynamic. The ever-revolving environment and changing business dynamic has developed my interest in the field of accounting. The field which interests me the most in the field of accounting is the field of an accountant. The prime reason for being attracted towards the field of accountant is that it covers a wide range of topic and is continuously changing. Apart from it an accountant needs to have a lot of knowledge and needs to carry out the process of making financial statement.

An accountant looks at different areas and covers different documents like bank reconciliation statement, sales statement, purchase statement, expense statement and other related documents. The accountant needs to compile all the different documents to prepare financial statements. The job of an accountant doesn’ t end here but instead based on the different statements the accountant has to make forecasts for the future, ensure proper reporting, and ensuring that the entire financial responsibilities are fulfilled (Turow, 2009).

In addition to it the field is dynamic and changing which continuously provides different challenging situations. The different challenging situation has to be properly dealt and response has to be found out so that maximum benefits can be provided to the client. I had searched a job advertisement on the internet for a financial accountant who needs to carry out the job and responsibilities in Eastern Suburb Sydney, Australia (Adzura, 2017). The different skills and requirements which the job needs have been specified and areas The above job advertisement brings forward some of the specific skills which are needed in the job and is as Ability to give attention to every small detail as an accountant has to have the ability to look at all minute details and based on it make proper interpretations so that the client is able to garner maximum results from it A well-recognized degree which should be either a CA or CPA.

Along with it, the person should have experience with Australian taxation system so that preparation and presentation of financial statement can be done according to the needs and requirements of the local economy Proper knowledge with regard to excel so that different financial models can be created and the impact it will have on the business and future forecast should be clearly identified.

This will help to improve the mechanism through which future forecast can be made and would thereby help to improve future forecast The person applying for the job should be motivated and should act as an entrepreneur. This will help the client as looking at things from the perspective of the client by acting like an entrepreneur will help to bring better results.

This will bring the best out of an accountant and would provide an opportunity to deal with the different needs and requirements The accountant should be innovative and a problem solver. This will help the business to get new and fresh ideas and at the same time should be able to solve the different financial problems which the situation could present. This will help to ensure that the business remains innovative and is able to deal with different complex situations that the changing environment presents. The accountant should have knowledge pertaining to the field of IT.

This will help the business to make better forecasts as different tools can be used from the field of IT through which forecasting can improve. This will help to improve the process of decision making and will help the business to be more innovative.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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