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The paper "Marketing Presentation of Haier, Kentucky Fried Chicken in China, Coke" is an outstanding example of marketing assignment.   Haier is a Chinese refrigeration manufacturer that began its operations in the United States in 1999. Despite the huge competition from Maytag, Whirlpool and General Electric, the company succeeded in this market because of outstanding market research. Through a market reconnaissance, Haier management found that smaller refrigerators yielded less than larger refrigerators. Market consumer research of Haier exploited online surveys and online interviews to obtain data on family population. The results showed that numbers of American families are on a decline rate which may increase the demand for small refrigerators. Market research understanding From the market research, I learned that Haier had to conduct consumer research on market positioning and market environmental demand.

Essentially, it was meant to focus on young people as consumer positioning and develop small refrigerators of 60-160 liters in the American market (Haier Group, 2015. I realized that market research is used to solve a problem that has already been identified and can help the company to gain profitability or market share.

For example, the results of the study showed that Haier can be a successful brand in the American market. The market share for the window air conditioner was 3 percent, freezer at 33 percent and a small refrigerator at 25 percent (Haier Group, 2015). The success of Haier in the American market was attributed to consumer research. This was because, through research, the company was able to define the market demand. I found that Haier was also able to define market positioning and target consumer group. This market research scaled on SWOT analysis to understand the macro and micro-environment in which the company was operating (Haier Group, 2015).

Essentially, it considered the strengths and opportunities of the firm as well as the weaknesses and threats that it is likely to face. I felt that market research has a connection with the strategic marketing of an organization by considering not only the internal competitiveness but external forces that may affect its performance. By doing so, they were able to showcase their competitiveness and enhance the ability of enterprises. Relevant theories and concepts in marketing research Market research is valuable in international marketing strategies such as those exploited by Haier.

Market reconnaissance studies help companies to gain entry into foreign markets without the risk of failing to impress its customers (Nasser-McMillan & Borders, 2002). Use of online surveys and interviews are simpler and easier methods to administer and obtain data. Besides being less costly, these surveys achieve the most because of the combined benefits of interviews and online questionnaires (Kotler, 2002). For example, Haier was able to get a broad understanding of the American consumers with minimal cost and with fewer errors associated with sampling.

Moreover, Cooper and Schindler (2002) show that the sample population could have been much bigger while face-to-face administration of questionnaires could have been susceptible to sampling errors. This implies that companies can exploit marketing research not only to understand consumer behavior but also get their perceptions on the influence of competitors (Oyatoye, 2011). Marketing research is very essential to organizations that intend to grow and expand into international markets.


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