Essays on Alderman Warns of 'Re-Segregation' of Top Public High Schools by Spielman Article

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The paper "Alderman Warns of 'Re-Segregation' of Top Public High Schools by Spielman" is a delightful example of an article on social science. When we think about education, we understand it as a universal concept. Nobody would want to be stolen of their privilege to get educated. What do you think when it comes to equal educational rights? We all want to get a good education and brighten up our futures, isn’ t it? Does anyone disagree with this point? But when I read the article written by Speilman titled “ Alderman warns of re-segregation of top public high schools” , I had to think twice about the concept of equal education.

This article talks about an elite Chicago school where education for black students is compromised for the benefit of White students. I think this is an absurd situation where white enrollment took over a surge while black pupils suffered a backlash when it came to their right to get admitted to an elite school. The article showcases that race is an issue in America when it comes to education. Don’ t you think it is unfair to sideline black students when it comes to an important issue like education?

Do you agree if I say that this racial segregation in America is taking a toll on the future of black students? According to (Spielman 2014) “ There was concern about whether a system that used race in admissions could withstand scrutiny” . I would like to ask fellow people whether race needs to be an issue when it comes to the admission system in America. Are we living in the 19th century still? What is your suggestion to eradicate such issues?

Why not admission authorities of Chicago public high schools take minority enrollment as a crucial issue? Hopefully, America will set higher standards when it comes to public high school admission in the future. 1) What is the status of the education system in Chicago? The education system in Chicago is racially based and does practice inequality. 2) Why is it important for black students to get educated? The black students must get educated because being human they have a right for it. 3) Why are the white students given priority? The white students are given priority for education because the racial differentiation still exists in America. 4) What is the suggestion to eradicate such racial issues in the education system? It is best for the government to look into factors like minority issues and their human rights problems. 5) Why Chicago is mainly facing such issues when it comes to education? Chicago mainly has more of black minorities and their status is more of downgraded when compared to other American cities.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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