Essays on The Approaches Samsung Have Used to Become a More Socially Conscious Business Case Study

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The paper “ The Approaches Samsung   Have Used to Become a More Socially Conscious Business” is a potent variant of case study on business. The concept of ethical consumerism was not a common phenomenon until recently. According to Fernando (2009), ethical consumerism refers to the tendency of clients to buy products that are ethically manufactured and distributed. Thus, ethical clients are those people that purchase goods that are manufactured in an ethical manner. For instance, a firm is considered to be manufacturing ethically if the employees involved in the production of goods and services are lawfully employable.

Therefore, the company that uses forced labor, as well as child labor, does not fit into this category. Ethical consumers are influenced by such motives as environmental, spiritual and political to purchase a product from a given firm (Crane, 2008). The recent financial crisis, which took a toll on both developing and developed countries, is responsible for the lack of trust by consumers in recent years. In the United States, for instance, a lack of trust by consumers has led to a loss of confidence in the integrity of business firms.

Trust plays a critical role in enhancing long-term relationships between consumers and businesses. The questionable conduct of many large organizations in the recent past has forced ethical shoppers to critically examine the behaviour of firms prior to any purchase. Ethical consumers are prepared to pay a certain price not only to those products that give them value but also for those goods that are ethically produced. There is a wide range of product areas that fall into the ethical category, including insurance, food, beverage, energy among others that are regarded as ethical. A Brief Overview of the CompanySamsung is a South Korean company that has dominated the electronics market since 1938.

Samsung thrives on making unique, innovative designs that are intended to fit customers’ tastes. The company’ s spirit of thinking big is the engine that works behind its innovative and stylish designs. Company’ s products vary from computer hardware and software, mobile electronic devices to electronic peripherals and information technology solutions. To serve its expansive clientele, the company has employed over 230,000 workers that spread all over the world and work in different branches (Michell, 2010). Worth noting is that the company faces competition from other multinational companies such as Apple, Nokia, and Dell (Chang, 2008).

For this reason, the company continuously works on device systems in order to remain competitive. The company’ s strengths in terms of competition are the loyalty to its customers, its unique and innovative products, reputation and marketing network. The Approaches Samsung Have Used to Become a More Socially Conscious BusinessPreventing and Responding to Problematic and Antisocial BehaviorAccording to Husain (2014), the company is dedicated to preventing and responding to antisocial behavior effectively by creating a dynamic, open and entrepreneurial workplace, while every employee is encouraged to respect others, contribute to the company, and work to the best of their ability.

Firstly, the organization strives to create a culture of cooperation across borders, languages, and zones. The organization is, therefore, dedicated to creating a working environment where people support, respect and value each other. The employees are required to analyze the company’ s code of conduct, which guides their decisions in various circumstances. The company requires that the new employees provide an affirmation that they have read and understood the code of conduct prior to joining the company (Husain, 2014).

Moreover, they are required to comply with it and report on any suspicions of violations as required by the company’ s policies. Whenever there are issues of antisocial behavior, the employees are required to inform about the conduct of others that may have led to the violation of the company’ s policies. Furthermore, the organization urges employees to cooperate during any inquiries, examinations, litigations, and investigations related to Samsung’ s business.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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