Essays on Importance of Presentation Skills in Business Coursework

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The paper "Importance of Presentation Skills in Business" is an outstanding example of business coursework.   Presentation is increasingly becoming a very important aspect of careers and businesses today. They play a major role in the development of the business as well as the advancement of careers. Research studies over the last fifty years have concluded that most businesses want and need employees with strong and effective presentation skills (Corder, 1989). Any kind of business transaction today involves some degree of presentation skill, be it guiding a new colleague through office procedures, reporting back to a department meeting or giving the board members an introduction and overview of a new product (Bradbury, 2006).

According to Rotondo (2001), presentation is, “ A visual and aural event intended to communicate, for the purposes of providing information, helping to understand, gaining agreement, and /or motivating to act. ” (p. 2). There are three important elements that contribute towards a successful presentation, namely content, design and delivery. Content refers to the research and organization of material to be presented and is one of the key aspects of any presentation. There are three critical steps to be kept in mind when creating content.

Firstly, research of material must be done effectively and accurately. Secondly, the information must be grouped into logical categories. The content must be arranged in a sequential argument. A sequential argument consists of a series of linked statements drawing to a final conclusion. When grouping content it is also very important to break down the main topic into subtopics and smaller parts to facilitate easy understanding and recall. The final step in designing content is to create an outline for the presentation.

This will facilitate an easy transition from one subtopic to another. Designing content is again an important aspect of the presentation. Content must be designed in such a way as to capture and retain audience attention. Visual aids are very important during presentations to facilitate easy grasping and recalling by the audience. Most people expect visual aids for oral messages or communication that is being delivered. Graphics, charts and animation can be used to enhance the visual elements accompanying the verbal message. Delivery of the content is the most important aspect of any presentation.

Objectives of the presentation as well as what is expected of the audience must be stated clearly. Some important factors that influence delivery include eye contact, voice modulation, expression, appearance and body language (Blair, 1991). Eye contact implies honesty and aids in establishing a rapport with the audience. Voice modulation is the key to retaining audience attention. A monotone voice will result in a boring presentation, hence a modulation in the voice and tone will aid in the retention of audience attention.

The expression is again an important aspect as audiences almost always watch the face of the presenter. A smile will encourage the audience to listen as opposed to a listless or nervous expression. Body language and stance are important when gaining audience attention. The posture and movement of hands convey a great deal about the presenter and go a long way in retaining audience attention. Proper content, good design and effective delivery together contribute towards a successful presentation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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