Essays on Preventing Of Dust Explosion Assignment

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Dust explosions by hot surface prevention and MitigationIntroductionDust explosions have very extensive damage possibilities and they usually occur in industrial plants leading to personal injuries or fatality, facility/plant destruction and loss of production. Industries are therefore required to equip themselves with the necessary tools and means for the immediate implementations in case the calamity occurs. (Rolf, 2009, pp. 1). This paper describes in details the causes of dust combustion and the necessary steps to take to avoid its occurrences in the industries. Dust Explosion Prevention and MitigationEmployee awareness creationGive the relevant information concerning the hazardous properties of the materials. Create awareness and employee training on safety and preventive measures on dust explosions and how to use and apply the industry codes and standards in dust explosion preventions.

Train employees on the dust cloud explosion safety initiatives and measures to avoid the occurrence of an explosion. Introduce and store equipments and facilities that can be used to curb the hazards when it strikes to protect the lives of people and property. (Department of labor, 1985, pp. 13) 2. Specific points on dust controlDispersion and escape of dust in the air at the workplace should be prevented and taken into account to avoid explosion.

(Department of labor, 1985, pp. 12)The amount of excess gas produced should be put in check. Equipments and enclosures should be put into place at the scene where gases are handles so as to cub the spillage and drift of the unwanted gasses in a safer way or even avoided in totality. (Department of labor, 1985, pp. 12)The dust collecting equipment need be built in such a way that the dust collected does not leak in the air.

(Department of labor, 1985, pp. 12)Dust of a larger volume need to be handled with a lot of care by storing and transporting them in containers that do not leak or even drift. The use of wet machinery is one of the most reliable means to use because they have the capability of converting dust into slur. Cleaner processes need be kept separately from the dusty processes so as to allow the safety measures to be set in a specific area. (Department of labor, 1985, pp. 12) 3. HousekeepingDust does accumulate over a period of time in plants and equipments.

This is where housekeeping comes in. housekeeping is mandatory and it is advisable to be conducted constantly. (Department of labor, 1985, pp. 13). This can be conducted by means of: By regularly inspecting and cleaning the surfaces such as the floors, roofs, rafters and other equipments. (Department of labor, 1985, pp. 13)Avoiding the piling up of oily rags and other rubbish. Avoid cleaning methods which aid in the spread of dust clouds, such as compressing and bowing of air and sweeping with a lot of energy.

Compressed air among the dust should totally be avoided. More proficient dust removal methods should be assigned to all the dust generating machines and other processes. (Department of labor, 1985, pp. 14)4. Elimination of ignition sourcesAll the explosion sources should be removed from the danger zones. Department of labor, 1985, pp. 16). This can be achieved by:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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