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The paper "Business Intelligence" is a perfect example of a business assignment.   By implementing BI organizations will be able to access analyse sales and inventory data from desktops/mobile devices. Organizations will be able to track the inventory of every product and service. For example, Lexmark will be able to track products at 000’ s of retail stores. The organization will be able to answer questions quickly on weekly sales and inventory levels in each of the specific customer’ s stores. The benefits which are accruable to the organization are Identification of new sales opportunities, increased partner loyalty, reduced inventory problems and increased profitability.   The icon model  gives a pictorial representation of the object (Sabherwal & Fernandez, 2009).

The object is usually presented as a two-dimensional projection; the scale and the colours are often changed, the less interesting details are omitted, and the presentation concentrates on those details or attributes of the object that are interesting; these are often such static invariances that are common to all or most of the objects which were studied. Example archaeological method of presenting pottery so that one picture portrays both outward, inward decoration and the cross-section.

(Sabherwal & Fernandez, 2009).   Analogy model  a method of representing a phenomenon of the world and is used to model the mechanics of a large scale problem at a scale that is applicable to a laboratory setting, for example, a mountain belt many kilometers in length and width can be modelled in the lab using an apparatus less than one meter in size that will fit on a tabletop(Sabherwal & Fernandez, 2009). A structure and process for analysing a dataset (Sabherwal & Fernandez, 2009). For example, a decision tree is a model for the classification of a dataset (Sabherwal & Fernandez, 2009). Mental model It is an explanation of someone's thought process about how something works in the real world, (Young, 2008).

A mental model is a kind of internal symbol or representation of external reality, hypothesized to play a major role in cognition, reasoning and decision-making.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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