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Princeton marketing planning decision Introduction Princeton was founded in 1746 in Princeton, New Jersey, becoming a fourth oldest institution of higher learning in the US. The institution offers both undergraduates and graduates programs in Natural Science, Social Sciences, Humanities and Engineering. To date the university boosts of having a notable alumni including Nobel Laureates around 37 of them, Two former US presidents, 9 Former and 3 Current US Supreme court judges, several billionaires and many others. Advertising Objectives The aim of the campaign is to increase participation in extra-curriculum activities by 25% within 5 years, among the students and staffs in the Princeton University.

The goal of this campaign is to increase the enrollment of international students by 30% in the next 3 years. The goal of this campaign is to increase the scholarship by 15% to the needy bright students in Graduate schools from Latin American countries. Target audience Princeton University, participates in NCAA division I league with more than 50% of the students participating in various sporting activities. By increasing the target participants of various activities we shall be increasing the awareness of the university to various individuals and public.

Thus the target audience are the US citizens, in order create awareness that the university has a unisex admission. International students increases the University awareness, in profiling and identification of the brand in multicultural facet worldwide. This bring in the diversification of the brand, by this the university will defuse the cultural stereotyping, and incorporating a culture of production of content that brings out a further that the university is more than an international organization. By identifying the International students, the university will develop the message contents in different languages and in English too, the message will be delivered on the university websites, postal deliveries and on social media ads.

The message will be delivered few months before the commencement of the new academic year and throughout the year. The last target audience of the university is Latin Americans needy students who would like to further their studies mainly in natural sciences and engineering. With collaboration of different endowments and corporation, we shall create a niche of assisting the needy Latin American students to achieve their dreams.

Thus bettering the communities and diffusing further the notion that the Princeton University has a feminine character. This will be enhanced by appropriate marketing communication mix, in that they will increase awareness, preference of the university and thus a conviction to join the university (Sandra Moriarty, 2012). Competitive product advantage The university offers Academics as its main flag products of the institution. Keeping above the other universities, Princeton University has been offering market competitive courses that include engineering, natural sciences and humanities. With 34 academic departments its gives the university a strengths over other university regionally, the departments are equipped with the right staffs and research equipment’s and materials; the marketing and communication department always gathers competitive intelligence of other academic institution.

This intelligence include tuition fees, program offered by other institutions and the duration of the program. To curve a niche and making sure the students invest and write their future, we charge a competitive tuition fees that give value for money. Princeton University offers accommodation as another product for both US and Non-US citizens; further all students on undergraduate programs are rest assured of accommodation on campus, this product gives a student a supportive environment with a bouquet of personal enrichment.

Unlike the other universities where students seek accommodation outside the university, Princeton University offers a competitive residential package to students (Philip Kotler, 2014). Key planning decisions In order to keep Princeton University as a premium brand we need to keep repositioning the brand yearly and follow –up in the target audience by conducting in evaluations of services by doing a survey to the students and non-students in regarding the university.

We have to identify the competitor’s position in relation to the other institutions (Dhruv Grewal, 2008). We have to determine the international students course preferences and make the ideal service segment for the international product. We have to select the position of the brand university and monitor the brand and keep it as a premium brand. To create further awareness of the brand we shall involve on CSR activity in the Latin America, this will inform, persuade the Latino’s and remind them that the Princeton University as a premium academic service provider Bibliography Dhruv Grewal, M.

L. (2008). Marketing. New York: McGraw-Hill. Philip Kotler, G. A. (2014). Principles of Marketing. Essex: Pearson. Sandra Moriarty, N. M. (2012). Advertising & IMC Principles & Practice. Upper Saddle River: Pearson.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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