Essays on Historical Involvements of Unions in Australia Assignment

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The paper ' Historical Involvements of Unions in Australia' is a great example of a Management Employment relations refers to the process of communication and enhancement of the relationship between the employees and the management. It entails activities such as processing grievances and settling disputes concerning the employees. A trade union, on the other hand, is an organization composed of workers who are united in terms of protecting their own interests. This is through addressing the grievances facing the employees and also negotiating for better terms with the employers.

The union also takes actions to enforce the collecting bargaining action agreed upon with the employers. The actions taken by the unions may include the mobilizati0on of the members to participate in strikes or go-slows. Historical involvements of unions in Australia The trade unions have a long history in Australia. The trade union in the early twentieth century was involved in a lot of activities ranging from political activities to workers' representation. The unions were also experiencing rapid growth at this time in the history of Australia. The minimum basic wage was established in 1917due to the actions of the trade unions.

By 1921, the union membership had reach 703,000 which was quite high at the time. The Australian central trade union was formed in 1927 which played a big role in the championing of the rights of the workers. The trade unions were involved in the railway strike after the Second World War which lasted for nine weeks. The trade unions continued to expand in the 1970s after merging with other institutions. In the late twentieth century, the activities of trade unions were still witnessed but the economic and social involvement has slightly weakened compared to the past.

This is mainly attributed to the economic changes, government policies, changing employment composition, changes in the management, union’ s policies and structures, and the changes in the popularity of unions. Conclusion In conclusion, the trade union has played an important role in the championing of the rights of workers in Australia since they were started. The trade union has been involved in several situations in Australia and has helped workers solve their problems. The involvement of trade unions in the labor market saw the introduction of minimum wages while their involvement in the railway industry leads to the streamlining of the sector.

The involvement of trade unions is positive in the labor market. However, the future of trade unions is uncertain as to the employment policies and the economic situation are changing. This contributes to their reduced efficiencies and popularity. In the future, the trade unions in Australia may end up declining if the policies do not change. Question 8 Introduction Nonunion is defined as management initiated or state-sponsored initiative to help the employees solve their own problems.

It also includes direct and indirect forms of representation by the workers. The decision-making process mainly includes forms of consultations with the employees. At this level, the nonunion mainly involves unions within the organization. Nonunion bargaining on the other hand involves the interaction of the employers with the employees directly without the involvement of union representatives. It has been used in some instances in Australia especially in the areas of occupational health safety.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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