Essays on Principles Of Environmental Sustainability Assignment

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TOPIC: Reflect on your experiences and how this volunteer work relates to wider debates on governance for sustainability, including debates about social and environmental justice. INTRODUCTION They say that the greatest gift is giving service without asking payment in return. Well, by volunteering my services as till operator and my additional volunteer work when I steam the clothes, I am happy to share my time and my physical help to the older generations of the community(Wheeler, 2004). The following paragraphs explains how my volunteer work, as compared with my six volunteer log data, has greatly influenced my thinking on governance for sustainability(Nicola, 2006).

This includes debates about social and environmental justice. BODYI. What did I do in the charity shop? (you can refer to my logs)Volunteer Log entry #1 28th October 2006, Saturday My first day of volunteer worked was focused on the charity shop manager’s introducing me to my co-workers, showing me around the shop and also dictating to me my job responsibilities. I was amazed at how the wastes were recycled into help the aged salable items. I was assigned to steam clothes that people donated.

This was a true change in environment because I never did this before. I learned from the shop manager to be cheerfully patiently. My hard work was mixed with happiness and freshness because I had learned a new skill of dealing the shop customers as well as making friends with my fellow workers. I now understand what Margaret Mead’ message “Never doubt that a small group of committed individuals can change the world; in fact they are the only ones that ever have. ” I and the other charity shop members are such committed individuals.

Log entry #2 4th November 2006, Saturday My second volunteer day was spent learning to operate the till machine while after I finished steaming the clothes. Further I learned how to facilitate the customers’ purchases as they paid their chosen good with either cash or credit cards. Further, one particular customer encouraging smiled at me as I was taught how to process his swipe his credit card purchase. I learned my many things quickly on this day. I quickly learned and developed by serving in the charity shop that everyone ought to be involvement whenever opportunities are conducted in order to meet the needs of communities.

Many such involvement opportunities including volunteering my services to steam and operate the till machine are coordinated with local community-based organizations like the Charity shop there. I learned that service has fined tuned the theories I learned in school. For example, governance is needed for sustainability, social justice and environmental justice(Stern, 2000). Log entry #3 11th November 2006, Saturday Social justice wise, I felt bothered because I had preferred the till machine job as contrasted with the steaming work because I can exert lesser effort.

I am now confident enough to converse with the shop customers as well as my fellow workers in the charity shop. Educationally, I learned the new job of labeling the prices on displayed items.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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