Essays on Principle of Gastronomy - Heighs Chocolate and Queen Victoria Market Case Study

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The paper "Principle of Gastronomy - Heigh’ s Chocolate and Queen Victoria Market" is a perfect example of a business case study. This projects’ main purpose is to outline the various gastronomic tourism such as culinary and food science. They involve the art of visiting a place purposefully to have a taste of the local food in the local cuisine restaurants. The project also explains information about the Heigh’ s Chocolate and Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia. Gastronomy involves culinary arts, which is not just the eating of food but also involves taking food that has a close relation to culture and science.

Culinary and food tourism is the major form of gastronomic tourism that involves taking visits to places to enjoy and have remarkable memories of food and time spent in these destinations. The principle of gastronomy has it that food is science apart from being an artist. As a science, gastronomy takes the form of the scientific, social and historical meaning of eating food. Culinary and food tourism is traveling to a new place due to the types and delicacy of food found in the local cuisines.

Tourists participate in food activities such as food tasting as a form of discovering new tastes and ways of food preparation. Heigh’ s chocolate, as one of the old chocolate-making firms, is one of the industries that offer tourists the chance to have a free taste of the products. The industry provides majorly a verbal tour of the activities of the firm, issues old and new industry photographs, provides free coffee and tea. It also provides a test on the delicious tastes of up to 250 different types of chocolate produced by the industry.

Moreover, the firm prides itself on the quality of its chocolate products that have made it realize lots of visits made by the locals as well as international tourists. Queen Victoria Market, located between Victoria and Elizabeth streets in Melbourne, offers a variety of fresh Australian vegetables and fruit including various international types of foods such as pasta and pizza. The market attracts locals as well as international individuals because of the variety of fresh food items among other things.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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