Essays on Principles of Human Resource Development Assignment

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HUMAN RESOURSE Career development is the act of providing services in varied settings in order to offer help to people. It is the process of managing life, education, and job. This help can be in terms of gaining information, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that can assist them in managing their carriers. This is because carriers have been proven to exist as along time process but not as a single pathway of work. In most cases, there are three critical components of an effective performance management. They are the formative assessments, data management system, and student information system.

Among the three, the main two are the data management system and information system. The latter is used to store all data that describes all the people in the place, whereas the former is used to keep track of everyone’s involvement and progression. The se tow components are mostly used to provide long-term results to the human resource department. Work-life integration is the proper balancing between work and life. In this description, life refers to delight, vacation, and family whereas work can be attributed to ambitions and careers.

Work-life integration conflict refers to situations in which demands and responsibilities of work and the opposite become incompatible. In other words, it refers to the interference of employment demands in family life or vice-versa. Instructional system design can be described as the process employed to develop education and training programs into a reliable fashion. There are many models for designing instruction, but they all have five phases that must be followed. These phases are analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Human resource development is the structure used to assist employees in developing their individual and managerial skills, abilities, and awareness.

It can be broken down to various opportunities, which include employee preparation, employee profession improvement, performance administration, and progression. Individual development includes activities that improve awareness and identity. Personal development is essential because it has a number of purposes in a person’s life. These purposes include assisting one to become everything that one is capable becoming and building employment capability. There are many types of analysis, but the commonly used are descriptive, SWOT, socio-historical, comparative, and narrative analysis. They all give an analysis of any issue based on the category required.

However, the most used among the given ones is the SWOT because it gives an outline of information based on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Human resource development leaders must have the needed competence to perform their duties. They must be mission oriented, strategic planners, system innovators, understands team behavior, is able to work out risks, can be trusted, develops his staff towards professionalism, and ethical. A needs assessment is a managerial component that is required in developing and implementing preservation programs.

It is composed of five components that involve plan, survey, report, implementation, and follow-up. Human resource offers quite a number of jobs, which may include Hotel managers, consultants, or business administrators. Human resource personnel mostly focus on maintenance of awareness of and compliance of sate laws, recruitment, and record keeping. While analyzing any information SWOT analysis is the simplest and most applicable to use. It stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Job enrichment is the redesigning of a certain job with the intention of reversing some effects that are continually experienced.

These effects could be a lack of suppleness, employee displeasure, or monotony. Human resource development has four components namely individual, career, organizational, and state development. References Gilley, J. W. (2002). Principles of human resource development. New York: Perseus Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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