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19th August 2008IntroductionChange is inevitable. Change is continuous. Change is the only stable thing in this world. These are some of the statements that are synonymous with the word change, Alma (2006). Change has even been used as the driving factor in this year’s presidential election campaigns in the US. This goes along way in showing how much people and organizations believe in change. So much can be said of change, but how does it apply in this context to management and in this regard strategic change in the management of a business firm or organization.

Change in a business context can be simply said to be the alteration or revolutionizing of the existing management system triggered by various factors in order to fit into a new way of doing things facilitated by the immediate business environment. In most cases the change is usually directed at the employees other than other conventional business aspects. In this paper we look at Wal-Mart stores as the largest superstore in the world and how it can do to apply strategic change management theories in its running to fit in to changing business and industry patterns.

Wal-Mart and changeThe US faces a lot of criticism in the global affairs more than other countries. Perhaps we ask ourselves why. In a world constituting so many countries it does not add up so quickly as to why an insignificant action by one of them should draw their attention with high magnitude as we are witnessing in the campaigns prior to the presidential; elections later this year. One is tempted to say that it is because the US is a super power.

However that is just one aspect. A closer look into the analysis of such attention to the country and the pending change in the president show that it is because the country has a lot of influence in many areas touching on almost any country from the war in Iraq to the environmental regulations that the country has spearheaded. The same case applies to big business firms with a wide reach and in this case our company is Wal-Mart Stores. From the stores in China to Brazil and at home in the US, the giant corporation has faced a lot of criticism in various fields.

Its not that the company is at fault but its wide reach exposes it to a lot of analysis and criticism some genuine and others unfounded. After severe accusations of employee mistreatment in the US, the company is positioning itself as a company that cares for her employees. This is in light of the fact that these accusations have led to decreased sales across all the branches. Further discrediting for the company has come in the form of a movie titled “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price” The movie, directed by Robert Greenwald, portrays the company in bad light in terms of unfair competition that is hurting small players in the retail industry (Alma, 2006)Other accusations leveled against the chain store are

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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