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The paper "Importance of Regulation Against Drug Abuse" is a perfect example of a research paper on health sciences and medicine. Health practitioners and institutions that prescribe drugs with medical knowledge on the implications of drug abuse conduct the study. There are cases reported of individuals abusing drugs, and misusing the prescriptions given by the doctor for reasons that contradict the medical obligation the drugs are set to conduct. The market has enabled easy access to other drugs considered illegal in nations. These have grave implications for the overall development and may find use among children (Barrett & Veerman, 2007).

What makes it a study? It is a study because the result of the predicament that is drug abuse is anonymous. There is a known fact that the practice of abusing drugs exists, but more evidence is required on the causes and means that should be implemented to curb the disease (NIH, 2011). The principal target of the research is to realize the causes of the drug abuse problem and the measures that can be undertaken to find a lasting solution to counter the heinous act.

Literature Review With elevated cases of drug and substance abuse, various agencies have deemed it fit to investigate the cause of the elevated abuse and the effectiveness of policies that warn against this provision. Research to study the behaviour of victims and their attitude towards implemented policies restricting them from engaging in the heinous events should be conducted. The study focusing on the prevalence of narcotic drugs in the US and the legislation implemented to protect individuals from the repercussions is vital. The number of individuals that the illegal use of drugs affects grows annually, and the problem is experienced from childhood.

The impacts of the abuse are indirectly felt as individuals are normally affected physically and psychologically. An example has been witnessed in the loss of an Icon in Michael Jackson, who had been a victim of drug misuse. Methods The method applied is mostly quantitative. By using questionnaires, and data analysis, the prevalence of the activity across groups can be monitored then results compiled. The main groups to be questioned are the victims of the results of the drug abuse and vulnerable groups like children, especially adolescents.

These research questions can be distributed in health institutions, schools or public functions that may target parents, patients and children. Sample questions that can be asked include: What factors contribute to the use of narcotics and misuse of prescribed drugs? What have been the greatest implications of drug abuse? What penalties have been imposed on those that apply illegal drug use? How effective are the legal provisions in curbing the spread of harmful drugs?

Procedure These questions are directed towards victims, potential users and the overall society that have the current legislation to protect them (Howe, 1957). Policymakers and the legislation provided should be analyzed to compile the existing measures against the illegal use of drugs. Screening may be conducted on children especially those participating in recreational events and campaigns on the dangers of exposure to illegal substances conducted. These can be random television advertisements to voluntary public awareness programs that utilize the mentioned questions. The data may be analyzed annually to predict the implications over a known period.

Further sources of previous research from internet sources and health organizations can be analyzed to provide earlier opinions from previous research. Who will participate in the study? Health practitioners and institutions that prescribe drugs with medical knowledge on the implications of drug abuse conduct the study. It is conducted on users who abuse drugs and potential victims that are children and families. Results There may be a possible rebellion from the public as the topic under discussion is sensitive, and they may refrain from implicating themselves as possible users.

However, the study would offer regulations required to protect society from the use of illegal drugs and suppliers. The research expects to find heightened drug use among adolescents and low earning individuals who experience the majority of the stress. Potential Impact The research is expected to lead to the realization of the importance of enacting policies against abuse of drugs and narcotics. This would create a healthy society free from drug impairments and reduced violence associated with the problem.


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